Buckingham constituency election: Green Party’s Alan Francis

This is a very unusual election.

Friday, 24th April 2015, 9:50 am
Alan Francis

Buckingham voters have the choice of just three candidates, Mr Bercow (Speaker), the Greens and UKIP. While we have one local issue in common – we all oppose HS2 – there is a chasm between us on everything else. Mr Bercow and UKIP are on the right of politics and the Greens are on the centre/left.

The Greens are the only party standing in this seat who want an end to austerity measures and to tackle the urgent problem of climate change.

The Conservatives have imposed cuts on the most vulnerable in society, those who are sick, disabled, poor, young or old.

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They are being punished for the mistakes made by the rich bankers and politicians. Greens want a more equal society where everyone has a home and can afford to eat and stay warm. That will require increased taxes on big corporations and the wealthiest members of society.

If you want to protect public services, keep the NHS in public hands, scrap tuition fees, increase pensions, end the austerity cuts, introduce a living wage for all, build more council houses, renationalise the railways, improve bus and rail services and cut fares, protect the environment, support small businesses and farms, electoral reform, ban fracking, and tackle climate change, then you have only one choice and that is to vote Green. The Green Party offers a fresh alternative with policies for the common good.