Another remarkably unremarkable week in the Pilgrim household

SOME time ago my brother went to see his doctor to find out how some x-rays had turned out. The doctor in a most beautiful Indian accent said: ”Mr Pilgrim your results are remarkably unremarkable”.

Thursday, 21st July 2011, 8:45 am

That is the sort of week I have had.

On Sunday I watched the Open Golf tournament and recalled the time many years ago when I hit a train at West Renton golf course in Norfolk with my first tee shot.

On Monday I dropped a complete bag of sugar, which burst all over the kitchen floor, made very my first smoothies and the dog returned home from her walk absolutely soaked and went directly upstairs to lie on the bed!

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It’ wasn’t a disaster just an unfortunate number of happenings. The smoothies turned out alright though so I have a found a new way of working ‘five a day’ into my diet.

Yet again I failed to win even £10 on the lottery and spent the evening deciding how I would spend the £100 odd million recently won by a couple somewhere in England.

Can you imagine winning that sort of money? What would you do with it?

I think that probably it would have to be used to improve the lot of unprivileged people because I cannot envisage spending that sort of money any other way in my lifetime.

I read in the newspaper about a couple who won loads of millions on the lottery and have used it very wisely. They set up a small business that keeps them amused and motivated and made sure that they supported several charities. I like to think that I would do something like that but you can never be sure can you? Loads of money can change a person and ruin their life, which is pretty sad.

There again I don’t have any great expectations of coming in to some money – I think that I am the one person who has had three premium bonds since the first day they where on sale and I haven’t won a single penny.

They do say that if you can’t be rich you could be lucky in love. I’m still looking forward to that or maybe I am destined to just love my dog! That wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that she nags me all the time.

Nothing new there then...