Columnist Andy Collins: "New year, new me....?"

Bucks Herald Columnist and Aylesbury legend Andy Collins shares the trials and tribulations of getting fit after a big Christmas and New year.. .

Bucks Herald Columnist and Aylesbury legend Andy Collins shares the trials and tribulations of getting fit after a big Christmas and New year.. .

I'm never eating again! 17 stones eight! Hold up these scales must be broken 17 *$@* stone &^%$ 8 pounds how the giddy arm did that happen it seems only yesterday I was a wiry 9 stone babe magnet?!

Oh ok then, I was nine stones and not a bad looker from a distance, damn you Xmas turkey dinner and mince pie hell, I’m sure like everybody else I was not the only one having this conversation with themselves in front of the mirror, and I’m sure like everybody else I hit the sports shops, and spent a fortune on getting a new sports bag , outfits and a yoga roll matt - when will I ever learn?!

I mean I’ve had to purchase another outside shed to put all the stuff in I buy watching those info commercials, and before you say why don’t I put it under the bed I cant there is no space my super lightweight Abs Go Flexer Machine takes up too much space .

I always start off with all the right intentions....

january 1 and I’m going to the gym, I’m eating cabbage soup, I’m wearing Lycra - but by the January 9 it’s a bargain bucket for one and I’m wearing my tracksuit while flat out on the sofa watching the box set of The Crown.

So to try and break this cycle of fitness failure, on my radio breakfast show we are doing a get Active with Andy section every Friday for the next three months.

I’m out and about in Beds, Herts and Bucks visiting gyms, sports clubs , leisure centres and meeting you lot and finding out how you keep fit and active be it Nordic Walking , Boxing or Zumba Gold (which by the way I loved).

So if you have a group or a class you want to talk about on the radio that you think people will love to get involved in, and of course
for me to have a go at live on air, then please do get in touch .

Now this is going to be a bit confusing but stick with me...

So doing this feature I’m like a proper journalist! I get given a deadline to hand it in I feel like Clark Kent in Superman working at The Daily Planet!

So my deadline is 6pm on the 26th of the month with the feature going out the following Wednesday, (on that note you have only a few hours left will you please finish and send - Editor) but on the 27th I’m off to see the wrestling with my son at the Waterside Theatre and in a months time when I’m back in the paper it will be to far gone to discuss how the night went so I’m talking about it now before I’ve seen it!

So my boy and I are very excited by all of this he loves his wrestling and was telling me how good John Cenna, Roman Reigns and the Undertaker, I for my part believe that Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy would of kicked their butts, it got me thinking , come on my fellow oldies who was your favourite back in the day? My two wrestling heroes were Mick Mcmanus and Kendo Nagasaki Saturday afternoon watching World of Sport with your gran throwing her handbag at the telly - happy days!

Anyway got to go now Ive got to prep my breakfast for tomorrow half a melon and three slices of grapefruit! And maybe a extra large full English breakfast on the side!

Keep smiling

Andy x

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