COLUMN: Community will pull together after Cinram lay-offs

Cinram in Rabans Lane Aylesbury
Cinram in Rabans Lane Aylesbury

This week more than half the workforce at one of our best known employers will lose their jobs.

This is of course devastating news for them, especially those who have served much of their working life at the famous site.

But it is also bad news for town, and whenever things like this happen it is our responsibility to offer as much support as we can to the people affected and their families.

If there is anything that we as a paper can do to help you Cinram workers you can give me a call on 01296 619718.

Because things like this have the potential to really bring our communities together - and it’s our duty to help in a crisis.

Very much like local newspapers which for some in the age of the internet (obviously quite wrongly in my view) seem like a relic of the past - the CD and DVD industry has shrunk greatly.

How many of us remember going to independent record shops, to Virgin Megastores or to HMV to eagerly await the latest music release or movie on the day it came out.

Now big web businesses, Netflix, Spotify, iTunes and streaming is hoovering up that business, leaving the once great innovators like those who work and worked from the CBS, then Sony, then Cinram site struggling to make ends meet.

I went to Cinram on Tuesday to take some photographs to go with this week’s news feature, and - while the company is still defiantly standing, the feeling of nostalgia for times gone stuck with me - I liked it better when a new CD was an exciting treat, and any movie was not available mearly by clicking an iPhone screen. I also liked it better when an industry which quite literally delivers so much joy to so many was booming.

The world is changing and not necessarily for the better in my view, and my heart goes out to those folks who have made their lives in an industry which has so sadly contracted, to the point where it cannot sustain them anymore.

I love to hear your views too - send me an email to or give me a call on 01296 619718