Aylesbury MP Sir David Lidington to step down at next general election

Aylesbury MP Sir David Lidington steps down for next electionAylesbury MP Sir David Lidington steps down for next election
Aylesbury MP Sir David Lidington steps down for next election
Big news today as Aylesbury's long serving Mp David lidington will not be seeking re-election at the next general election.

He has served the Aylesbury Community for 27 years.

Writing to the Bucks Herald, Sir David said:

“After a great deal of thought I have decided not to seek re-election at the forthcoming General Election.

"Politics imposes a heavy cost on family and private life.

"That is not a complaint: people who seek elected office do so voluntarily. But I have come to the conclusion that now is the right time for me to give a higher priority in terms of my time and energy, to Helen and my family who have given unstinting support to me during more than a quarter of a century in the House of Commons.

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"I want to do that while I am still active and in good health.

"It has been an amazing privilege to have represented the Aylesbury constituency for more than 27 years. This part of Buckinghamshire and the communities in it will have a special place in my heart as long as I live.

"I am enormously grateful to my constituents for electing me as their representative in Parliament in seven general elections. It has been their support and confidence which has given me the opportunity to serve our country in government, including senior positions in Cabinet.

"I owe a particular debt to the members of the Aylesbury Constituency Conservative Association who have campaigned for me in good times and bad. But I’ve also always tried to keep in mind my belief that the duty of a Member of Parliament, once elected, is to listen to and represent the views and interests of every constituent, however he or she may have voted, and I have enjoyed the times over the years when I have been able to work with political opponents or with independent campaign groups to press some particular issue on which our views have coincided.

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"Indeed, almost everyone that I have met in politics, whether at local or national level, has come into public life for the best of reasons: to try to change our country or our local area for the better.

"Of course we may argue passionately about how that should be done, but one of the best things about politics in Aylesbury is that while disagreements are real, they are coupled with an underlying respect for the integrity of those on the opposite side of the argument.

"My successor, whoever he or she may be, will be very fortunate to represent a constituency as diverse, lively and friendly as Aylesbury. I shall wish him or her every success. “