National Sheep Association Central Region Early Gathering

FARMING MATTERS: Young sheep farmers compete

Showing enthusiasm in abundance for the sheep sector, more than 40 young sheep farmers recently attended the National Sheep Association (NSA) Central Region Early Gathering and competed for a place in next year’s national finals of the Young Shepherd of the Year.

More young people are needed in agriculture

Attracting new blood to industry

A large proportion of young people across the UK are interested in working in the food and farming industry, but job security and work/life balance are key requirements to achieve a happy career.

National Sheep Association

FARMING MATTERS: Livestock farmers tired of claims

January seems to have become established as the month when vegans and veganism is discussed at length in the media. It’s all over the place, in the press and on television. Just recently I watched a documentary about it, and over the festive period I was invited to a vegan supper.

Mayor Jon Harvey and Mayoress Julie Uglow

A year in the life of the Buckingham town Mayor

When I was 14, I went on a school trip to the Chichester Festival Theatre. We were shown around the backstage, the lighting desk, the dressing rooms, the space under the main stage and so on. I have never looked at the theatre the same since. Being Mayor of Buckingham has been something akin to this. I have had the opportunity to see underneath, inside and around so many features of our town. It has been a great privilege, a wonderful delight, a huge honour and a deep education to have seen and been a part of so much. We live in an amazing town!

Picture copyright Heather Jan Brunt

FARMING MATTERS: This deal is not what we wanted

I don’t usually get political in this column, not least because I write it some way ahead of publication and, as they say, a week is a long time in politics and whatever I write could be seriously out of date before it is read.

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