Open Britain to demonstrate in Aylesbury for a "peoples vote" on Brexit this weekend

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Activists and supporters from Open Britain, the European Movement and Britain for Europe will take to the streets and run a stall in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire on Saturday 8 September 2018.

This pro-European event follows the difficult Brexit negotiations and the ensuing acceleration in the People’s Vote campaign, calling for the British people to be given a vote on the Brexit deal.
Hélène Lens of Open Britain Aylesbury, said: “I’m delighted we are carrying on the push for the People’s Vote (PV) campaign on the final Brexit deal in Aylesbury.

"Hundreds of People’s Vote supporters have recently signed up in local towns such as Thame, Beaconsfield and Tring and there are other pro-European groups very active in Milton Keynes, Gerrard’s Cross and High Wycombe.

"A new group will also be starting in Buckingham on 15 th September.

The future of this country is too important to be decided by politicians alone who cannot unite around the national interest. No one voted to be poorer or for our public services, especially the NHS to suffer. Brexit is too big deal but not a done deal.”

James MacCleary, Campaign Director of European Movement UK, said: “The pro-European movement is gaining in strength and momentum with a huge demonstration of
grassroots power in favour of a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.”

Anne Weyman, Vice Chair of Britain for Europe, said: “We may come from different political parties, different traditions and different groups, but we are united by our desire for the people to have their say on the Brexit deal and we are determined to make sure their voice is heard loud and clear.”