One man injured in two-vehicle collision in Stoke Mandeville

It was one of four major incidents in Bucks in just 12 hours

Friday, 3rd December 2021, 4:11 pm

One man was left injured after a two-vehicle collision in Stoke Mandeville yesterday (December 2).

At around 9:30pm on Quilters Way, a man was trapped in his vehicle after colliding with another driver on the road.

Bucks Fire and Rescue Service staff rushed to the scene and rescued the trapped individual using hi-tech, hydraulic cutting equipment.

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Bucks Fire and Rescue Service staff attended a series of major incidents yesterday

The man needed medical treatment and firefighters left him with South Central Ambulance Service paramedics.

The other party involved was already out of his car by the time responders arrived and was uninjured.

Thames Valley Police officers also attended the incident, directing traffic to make the scene safe.

Earlier that day the fire service combatted a blazing bedroom in Prestwood.

A bedroom fire caused havoc in a home on Hotley Bottom Lane, two fire engines and crews dealt with the blaze at roughly 1:20pm.

To extinguish the flames, the firefighters used two sets of breathing apparatus, one hose reel jet, a thermal imaging camera and provided positive pressure ventilation.

Once the home was safe the crews fitted smoke alarms to the ground and first floors of the house.

A winter home fire spread out of control in a Brill home, roughly three hours later.

A home on Ludgershall Road at 4:15pm needed expert support after a fire spread from a wood burner to the mantlepiece and a support beam.

To quell the burning chimney one team of firefighters used a thermal imaging camera, and special chimney gear to stop the burning.

They also had to use a reciprocating saw to breakdown the burning mantlepiece.

Just 20 minutes after attending the burning chimney in Brill, other Bucks firefighters were required to extinguish a flaming roof in Buckingham.

Such was the extent of the burning at an industrial unit on Bourton Road, seven different fire engines were sent out.

Bucks Fire and Rescue Service staff logged the incident at 4:35pm, two Thames Valley Police officers were also on the scene.

Just one building was on fire, but that property happened to be six metres tall and 30 metres wide, according to the fire service.

To cope with the blaze firefighters used six sets of breathing apparatus, four hose reel jets, two main jets, a turntable ladder and a water carrier.

They also used a 13.5-metre ladder to establish fire breaks in the roof space.

Firefighters received help from the electricity provider for the area,to isolate the supply to overhead cables.

Once the fire had been put out, crews remained and returned to undertake overnight and morning reinspections.

The inspection crews used a short extension ladder, one hose reel jet and a thermal imaging camera to tackle hotspots.