Ombudsman reviews parade at graduation ceremony

Recruits of Douglas Intake grauate on parade at RAF Halton.
Recruits of Douglas Intake grauate on parade at RAF Halton.

The Service Complaints Ombudsman, Nichola Williams, visited RAF Halton to act as reviewing officer for the graduation parade of 567 Douglas Intake.

Nichola paid an office call on the Station Commander Group Captain Adrian Burns before lunch with station executives.

She said: “I had the honour of acting as the reviewing officer for the recruit graduation parade of No. 567 MP16, Douglas Intake at RAF Halton. It was my first time attending a service graduation ceremony and it was a tremendous privilege, and a real pleasure, to see such a fine group of young people at the start of their service careers, full of hope for what the future might bring. The ability to speak in-depth with the graduates, their families and also senior personnel about their work and the issues facing them on a daily basis was most valuable and I thank the RAF for providing me with this opportunity.”

Group Captain Adrian Burns said: “It was an honour to host the Service Complaints Ombudsman as reviewing officer for 567 Douglas Intake. Her role is vital in ensuring that we look after our people fairly, equally and without prejudice to the best of our ability. I was very grateful that she was able to take time out of her busy schedule to see us and view for herself the next generation of the Royal Air Force as they start their careers in this superb organization.”