Ollie Gardiner has passed away, after a brave battle with Brain Cancer.

Inspirational local boy Ollie Gardiner has passed, after a long battle with brain cancer

Sunday, 19th November 2017, 3:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 11:40 am

In a poignant message posted on Ollie's fundraising facebook page, the family wrote:

"We are totally heartbroken to have to say, Ollie passed away this afternoon. He was at home, with his Mum and Dad. I was holding his hand.

"If you want to light a candle for him, St Michael and all angels church in Aston Clinton will be open from Monday."

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Our thoughts and Prayers are with Ollie's family at this difficult time. Ollie has been an inspiration to us all at the Bucks Herald.

Earlier this month, the family posted:

"Ollie has fought a long, brave battle, but last week a doctor looked me in the eye and told me that our child was dying.

"To say it was like being hit by an express train doesn’t even come close. Ollie was deeply unconscious and nobody expected that to change. The full “end of life” system kicked in and we made all the preparations we could. But despite the long hell cancer has already put us through, it still had one more torture to dish out.

"Four days after slipping into unconsciousness Ollie briefly opened his eyes, but they didn’t move or apparently see anything. The following day his eyes fully opened and we were excited to see them moving and tracking us around the room.

"Over the coming days he continued to recover consciousness, but there was something obviously wrong. Ollie’s incredible strength and fighting spirit may have yet again brought him back from the brink, but even he couldn’t stop the extensive damage being caused to his brain by the ever growing tumours and that damage is now catastrophic.

"Brain cancer is a truly evil disease and now we find ourselves in our very worst nightmare.

"We have lost “Ollie”, but his strong body carries on. This is a state that could continue for weeks or possibly even months. Nobody knows for sure although the final outcome is inevitable. Ollie is comfortable and blissfully unaware of the situation. He is well cared for, in no pain and surrounded by love.

"The destination that we were heading to only last week remains the same, but the cancer has ensured that we will take the hardest, most difficult route to get there.