OLD BAILEY TRIAL: Mum tells of horror at being told of child abuse allegations

A mother told of her shock at being told that her daughter had been abused when she was just a teenager.
The Old BaileyThe Old Bailey
The Old Bailey

The mother took to The Old Bailey stand this week as part of the trial of 11 men charged with a string of child sexual offences against two young girls.

She is the parent of Woman B, who alleges that she was abused by two of the defendants, Taimoor Khan and Akbari Khan who are both from Aylesbury.

Taking the stand on Monday, the mother, whose name cannot be revealed to protect the anonymity of her daughter, said tearfully: “She didn’t tell me until later, I only knew about all of this about a year ago. I didn’t know at the time.”

She added: “She was raped far too many times. She hasn’t opened up to me, she told me, but not all of the details, she probably wanted to protect me. If she has told me any details I can’t remember, I don’t want to remember.”

The court heard how Woman B was living in a stable home with her mother when she started becoming rebellious, aged around 14, and going out alot.

He mother said that she suspected that her daughter was meeting up with Asian men via Woman A, who is also an alleged victim in the case.

But when she asked her daughter if she was sexually active she would deny it.

The mother also described an incident where Akbari Khan is alleged to have visited her home with Woman B to pick up a television set.

The court heard that relations between mother and daughter deteriorated, and following an incident Woman B is said to have broken glass in a door. After that Woman B said that she wanted to live in care, a decision that her mother says was difficult and not something she was happy with..

The case continues...

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