MISSING: Have you seen 23-year-old cat who is almost a record breaker?

The missing cat, who lives on Harvey Road
The missing cat, who lives on Harvey Road

A moggy who at 23-years old is only one year shy of being the oldest cat in the world has gone missing.

The cat, who went missing from the Harvey Road area of Aylesbury, has been described as deaf and incredibly thin.

Aylesbury Cat Rescue, who are assisting the search, via a Facebook appeal, said: “The real worry is someone will pick him up, take one look at him and take to vets to be put down.”

The world’s oldest cat, according to the Guiness Book of Records is 24-year-old Poppy who lives in Bournemouth.

Anyone with details of the cat’s whereabouts can contact Aylesbury Cat Rescue on a_cat_rescue@yahoo.co.uk