Objection to ramp for elderly man who can’t get into town because of anti-social behaviour fears

Jim Jones at the flight of steps
Jim Jones at the flight of steps

The long wait for an access ramp at Cotton End is because of an objection – and the authorities say there is nothing they can do about it.

It is now 18 months since a slope was replaced with steps at Lace Hill and Jim Jones, 92, and others with mobility difficulties, are still waiting.

A temporary, sloped walkway gave Mr Jones access from his Cotton End home in Buckingham onto London Road.

But Barratt Homes blocked it off and replaced it with steps, which made it a nightmare for anyone with limited mobility.

This week, Bucks County Council and Aylesbury vale District Council jointly wrote to Buckingham Town Council to say a resident objectionto the slope is over anti-social behaviour concerns.

And they say they are ‘not in a position to impose on local residents something to which some are strongly opposed’.

The letter said: “If Buckingham Town Council is able to show that the footway link has the support of all local residents, then, depending on the timescale, we may be able to look at this again, but, at the moment we have to inform you that we cannot take the proposal any further.”

County councillor for Buckingham, Robin Stuchbury (Labour), described the letter as ‘strange’.

He said: “They’re happy to be photographed at the Paralymic events. This contradicts everything they stand for. I’m feeling jaded that members of an elected body are so dismissive of this.”

He added: “They spend a lot of public money on promoting themselves to be disability friendly and this doesn’t sit right. An objection is stopping things. If that was how it worked, we wouldn’t have any new estates built.”