Notes from St Tiggywinkles: Stamp of approval for this weekend’s Tiggy’s art exhibition

In the early days our images were not up to the quality today demands.


One of my books was the bestseller “The Complete Hedgehog”.

Looking back at it now the photographs were, quite honestly, a little bit deficient of quality and, of course, colour.

Don’t get me wrong, black and white photographs do have their place in today’s world where they have become works of art, a far cry from the digital camera and our dear friend photoshop.

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I am guilty of a digital camera but it is ‘fair humming’ always producing images for the Trust.

It even produced a photograph of a long-eared bat that became a postage stamp.

Great for Tiggys and a little bit of trumpet-blowing from me.

I meet lots of wild animals but most of these would not take kindly to having their spirits captured.

Just occasionally one doesn’t mind and in a moment of flash I have the image.

Running a charity always demands new innovative ideas for raising money.

Last year we tried to combine the power of images with a novel suggestion that might actually raise funds for the Trust. So came to be the first Tiggywinkles Bristish Wildlife Art Festival.

It rained, snowed, hailed; everything weather could throw at us. But it was a success.

Visitors came.

Art was sold and Tiggys added to its coffers.

And guess what? We are doing it all over again over this weekend (April 5-6).

Open to all visitors there is the opportunity to see over 35 local artists and their work as well as seeing some of the pieces entered by Tiggywinkles’ nurses and some of my hedgehog and owl images.

Do come along, it is worth a couple of hours out.