Notes from St Tiggywinkles: So much to look forward to in 2015


A summary of 2014 at Tiggys should be on the cards as it has been a very successful year with great local support generated by Mix 96 as their Charity of the Year.

This positive platform is making 2015 look even more exciting with many new projects which your support has let us put on the drawing board.

Wheels are already in motion creating new areas for those very special temporary residents, the hedgehogs.

I have written lengthily about the new intensive hedgehog facility sponsored by Discworld.

It is nearly finished, the final touches to the nerve centre are for early January although due to our massive winter influx of little prickly friends many of the pens are already occupied.

Not quite so high profile is the smart metal aviary that will house those mammals that love to gnaw wood and, separately, the woodpeckers (pictured) who will destroy a wood aviary just to prove a point.

As more casualties come in the need for bespoke housing increases.

The New Year will soon see housing in the Visitor Centre for a few who cannot ne released because they really do love the company of humans.

The most exciting is a special home for Willy the weasel surely the most special of Britain’s wild mammals.

Many times we have tried to release him but he just won’t go. It’s the same with Johnny the Jay. He always comes up to say “Hello”, too familiar to be safe in the wild, a very clever handsome resident.

Also waiting to meet you in the new aviary are Johnnys neighbours, a totally friendly cousin, Joe the crow, a handsome pair of pheasants and a quail, an anomaly of a British bird.

There will be vacancies for others. At work we humans are looking forward to modernising our animal kitchen and laundry as well as making the food store more comfortable for Emma and her team outside.

Thanks you for all your comments on ‘Notes from Tiggywinkles’.

Have a great New Year.