Notes from St Tiggywinkles: My great hoarde of hedgehogabilia...

The office
The office

I feel so guilty watching TV programmes exposing hoarders filling their lives with all types of paraphernalia.

I suppose I am a hoarder, over the years stashing away anything to do with the history of Tiggywinkles.

It’s now a new year and time to sort out those hoards of stuff into an orderly archive for those who come after me.

On opening in 1991 I included a library sponsored by Rolex, as I had become a recipient of their Awards for Enterprise.

I believe in books as well as electronics, somehow those sturdy bindings give a feeling of lasting security.

I have collected over the years in some semblance of order in the library but do now really need somebody to computerise it all onto the Dewey System, favoured by libraries.

More diligently I have kept my hedgehogabilia, as I call it, in displays in my Museum.

Even that needs a little updating but the Hospital is so busy it has to go to the bottom of the list along with the other remnants of the past, which I call the media archives.

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to be able to highlight Tiggys in newspapers and on television.

I have hoarded all those newspaper cuttings initially making up scrapbooks in old greeting cards catalogues.

After that they are still hoarded but in cardboard boxes waiting for a volunteer archivist to take the whole caboodle under their wing as well as computerising all those appearances on television recorded on video.

Now they so need to go onto DVDs but there are dozens of them.

Another daunting task if ever I attract that archivist.

For now I will keep on hoarding anything about the Trust.