Notes from St Tiggywinkles: Clocks going back puts deer (and your car) in danger

Mind the deer
Mind the deer

We are all going to get a little bit sad.

The clocks go back on Saturday so we have to come from work in the dark.

Still we in Britain cope with the official end of summer but wildlife has no concept of our shenanigans with time.

They carry on as normal.

But then ‘Bang!’.

It’s the rush hour, even in our country roads, and a deer has an encounter with a car rushing to get home.

Not only does the deer get injured but invariably the car suffers its own injuries, sometimes fatal.

I know none of us wants to hit a deer or dent our cars.

Sadly to avoid confrontation we have to take note of their ‘live in the dark’ lifestyle.

Us drivers don’t stand a chance as a deer comes flying over a hedge and lands on our car.

Often there are road signs warning of deer in the vicinity.

But they can’t read and take no notice of boundaries.

All we can do is be aware and drive much more slowly in vulnerable areas.

It can be totally distressing if it does happen.

But, as many believe, you are not breaking the law if you hit a deer.

Please don’t flee the scene of the incident but call for help.

Call the police if you can.

They know our number and will come and protect the scene.

We will get one of our volunteer rescuers out there as soon as possible.

As those clocks go back we go to ‘full alert’.

We can receive up to six calls a night to deer road traffic accidents in addition to calls to badger, foxes and especially polecats.

We are always here on 01844 292292 and please drive that extra bit more slowly to protect our deer and our cars.