Nostalgia: Builder died during county offices work

County Offices
County Offices

In 1923 Bucks County Council decided that they needed better equipped and more comfortable offices all in one place.

At that time their offices were in various buildings in and around the town.

Also the number of staff had increased so space was needed for them.

When plans were first announced in 1926 there was a public outcry.

Many letters were written to the Bucks Herald complaining about the huge amount of public money needed to build the offices.

The initial estimate was £74,000, which is about £2.5m in today’s money.

Four designs were drawn up and the third one was approved. In January 1928 local firm Webster & Cannon’s tender of £45,690 (£1.5m today) was accepted – a good deal less than the council’s estimate.

On September 6, 1928 the foundation stone was laid by Lord Cottesloe. Work briefly ground to a halt in February 1929 when workman Frederick Goldney from Wingrave accidentally fell from the top of the scaffolding.

His injuries were so bad that he died shortly afterwards. On December 13, 1929 the County Offices were officially opened by Alderman Leonard West.