No party has overall control of town council after elections

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Editorial image
  • No party has overall control of Aylesbury Town Council
  • There are 25 councillors, 12 of whom are Liberal Democrats
  • The leader says he doesn’t anticipate any change in the way the council runs

The Liberal Democrats lost their majority on Aylesbury Town Council but are still the authority’s single largest party.

Of the council’s 25 seats, 12 are now taken by the Lib Dems, nine Tory, three UKIP and one Labour.

Town council leader Mike Smith (Lib Dem) said: “I don’t see anything different happening because even though people are elected to the council politically a lot of the decisions that we make are not political.

“The councillors are all working to do what is best for the town and I think the town council will continue to function whatever mix of councillors it has.”

A new mayor, deputy mayor and leader will be elected at the town council’s next meeting on Thursday May 21.

Mr Smith said: “There are a lot of experienced people on the council and I would feel very privileged if I was able to continue steering this ship in the right direction.”

One of the most warmly received results of the day was in the Walton Court ward where Ranjula Takodra MBE was elected to the town council for a 13th year, despite missing out on a district council seat a day earlier.

Cllr Takodra, a former town mayor, said: “I am absolutely delighted to get in.

“I was a bit anxious but now I’m very relieved.

“Aylesbury is a lovely town and to be able to serve here again is wonderful.

“There was a lot of cross-party love for me today and I’m very grateful for that.”

One of the most closely contested results of the day was in the Elmhurst ward where a recount was taken for the second seat, won by Susan Morgan for the Lib Dems by just two votes ahead of the Conservative’s Ammer Raheel.

Cllr Morgan said: “It was a very nerve-wracking experience having a recount because originally I was only one vote ahead.

“I hoped I would get in but the fact that I did was unexpected.

“I look forward to working with all the residents in my ward and I welcome their feedback on how we can go forward.”

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