Nikita claims her ‘brilliant’ new show will dazzle

Brilliant Traces rehearsal at the Limelight Theatre Lauren Garnham & Jamie Kwasni
Brilliant Traces rehearsal at the Limelight Theatre Lauren Garnham & Jamie Kwasni

EMERGING theatre director Nikita Strange is aiming to make a name for herself with Brilliant Traces, which opens at Aylesbury’s Limelight Theatre next month.

Half of the proceeds from the show, on March 9 and 10, will be donated to the Queens Park Arts Centre to help fund future performances, classes and workshops.

The 25 year old, of Tring, describes the play as ‘a charmingly touching play about love, loss and loneliness’.

She said: “The play commences with runaway bride, Rosannah DeLuce, crashing and stumbling through Henry Harry’s front door – delivering a tirade of information before collapsing at his feet.

“This hilarious and energetic entrance is an indication of the rollercoaster of emotions and events which will unfold as the two characters begrudgingly reveal their stories.

“This is an intimate production set in a bleak and barren Alaskan landscape. With a fantastic set constructed by local man Simon Taylor, the production hopes to evoke a sense of isolation and a sense of lost souls finding solace in one another.

“Despite a serious undertone the witty dialogue, which characterises Johnson’s script, has made the play a staple of the American stage. Whilst it has had very few outings in the British theatre scene, it is recognised as a brilliantly theatrical and poetic play which sees two characters journeying to the literal ends of the earth to avoid intimacy and escape the past.”

Ms Strange founded her Under The Floorboards theatre company in 2008, with the support of Aylesbury’s Queens Park Arts Centre. Brilliant Traces is the company’s third production.

After the show has been performed in Aylesbury it will transfer to London’s Tristan Bates Theatre, where it will be shown until the end of April.

Ms Strange, who works for the Queens Park Arts Centre, believes it is important to give something back to the venue.

She said: “At a time when opportunities are few and far between this small arts centre and theatre continues to deliver high quality live performances and fantastic workshops and classes.

“It should be prized for its continued support of the arts in the face of budget cuts and tightened purse strings.”

Brilliant Traces is written by Cindy Lou Johnson.

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