Newer forms of criminal activity

Supt Olly Wright
Supt Olly Wright

How much do you know about the new types of crime that are emerging in our changing world?

A new community survey aims to find out how well informed people are about new forms of criminal activity, in order to shape police policy.

Crime is continually evolving and adapting.

While robbery, burglary and anti-social behaviour have been of concern across the nation for the past two decades, other forms of criminal activity are now coming to the fore.

Examples include cybercrime, sexual exploitation of children and female genital mutilation.

Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership (AVCSP) is launching a survey to find out how aware and informed people are about emerging crime threats.

The responses received will help shape how the partnership adapts its future action plans in response to these crime threats, alongside its more traditional crime prevention activities

Thames Valley Police local commander Supt Olly Wright, who sits on the Community Safety Partnership, said: “We are really interested in hearing your views about these new types of crime, and whether the community feel well informed about ways of reducing their risk of being a victim.

“Your views will help the partnership prioritise work for the forthcoming year and help us identify ways of making sure you feel better informed.

“The survey is an online survey and should only take 10 minutes to complete.”

The survey runs until May 5.

It can be accessed online at