New HS2 poll ‘vindicates’ Green and UKIP stance

A new poll shows only 22% of the public are in favour of HS2 at its current cost of £50bn, with 43% putting it as their last priority in a list of eight spending options.

Just 1% of British adults told ComRes that high speed rail from London to Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester (HS2) is their top priority for government spending, the lowest of all options tested.

When asked if they would support HS2 if the costs increased, support for HS2 fell even further, with only 13% supporting it at a cost of £70bn, and just 7% at a cost of £100bn.

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The Green Party and UKIP said the poll vindicates their opposition to HS2, which would cut through the Vale.

Green leader Natalie Bennett said: “HS2 is a total waste of public money.

“With so little public support, there is no case to spend so much to build a rich man’s railway.

“There should be investment in real public transport for the common good of us all.”

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UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “This poll shows that the public do not see HS2 as a priority and that it is not wanted or needed.

“Our politicians are really living in the Westminster bubble, they are determined to carry on with HS2 against the wishes of the public and I pledge that UKIP would scrap HS2.”

Stop HS2 Campaign Manager Joe Rukin said: “It is amazing that politicians from the main parties think that HS2 is a vote winner, when every poll has made it clear that the public have not been bought by the spin about HS2.

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“This latest poll shows that despite all the spin and political bluster trying to drum up support for HS2, its’ support for HS2 keeps on dropping, and is now in the basement.”

“The fact the politicians fly in the face of public opinion by pushing HS2 forward is just another demonstration of how out of touch they are. With more austerity promised by most of those standing in the election, how can they possibly think people want HS2?

“The whole concept does not compute with voters, and there are surely votes to be won by anyone saying they will cancel HS2.”

HS2’s proponents say it will have a ‘transformational’ impact on the British economy, particularly in the North.