Nemo’s narrow escape from death after massive operation

Roy Hands with his goldfish Nemo
Roy Hands with his goldfish Nemo

A couple from Aston Clinton took their beloved goldfish on a 200-mile round trip to the vets so he could have a large tumour removed.

Five-year-old Nemo underwent an intricate 45-minute operation on his head and shoulders after his owners Roy and Caroline Hands took him to a veterinary clinic in Bristol.

Nemo the goldfish before his operation

Nemo the goldfish before his operation

Mr Hands said: “My wife brought him home when she stopped working at the care home where he lived.

“He already had the lump then but the tumour started to grow.

“We saw a story in the Daily Mail about a goldfish called Monty who the same vets had operated on.”

Nemo was operated on out of the water and at one stage his heart stopped but vets managed to revive him.

Veterinary surgeon Sonya Miles and exotics nurse Millie Gardiner carried out the successful £200 procedure - with Nemo sent home just two hours later.

Before the operation he weighed 60g and afterwards his weight had dropped to 30g.

Mr Hands added: “Now he is absolutely fine, it’s as if he didn’t have an operation.

“My wife actually found a penny on the floor outside the operating surgery.

“We’ve put it behind Nemo’s tank now as a lucky charm.”

The couple from Beaconsfield Road also own three cats, two dogs, a hedgehog and a parrot.