Neighbourhood plan wheels in motion for Aston Clinton

View of Aston Clinton from the church tower
View of Aston Clinton from the church tower

A village which has battled developments is set to create a neighbourhood plan, as a first line of defence against unwanted projects.

Aston Clinton Parish Council announced this week that a neighbourhood plan committee would be set up, and a public consultation session held later today (Saturday).

Councillor Colin Reed, who will be chairman of the new steering group, said: “Saying no to more houses is not an option.

“But we are entitled to say where we want new development to be sited and which areas we wish to see protected.

“Aston Clinton should retain its distinctive village identity and not become a suburb of Aylesbury.”

He added: “A neighbourhood plan will hopefully give residents a say, not just on developments, but on the look of the village and amenities.

“Around 4,000 people live here which is a fair number of people, we want everyone to get involved and tell us what they want.

“This is obviously the way to go, and with the unfortunate failure of the Aylesbury Vale five year plan, neighbourhood plans carry for more weight.”

And Mr Reed hopes that as many people as possible will attend sessions at Aston Clinton’s Anthony Hall.

Today’s session begins at 10am.

He said: “We would like to see anyone who has a connection with Aston Clinton, be that residents, builders or developers, even people who come to use the park.

“We want to hear from everyone who makes use of the village and get as many views as possible.”