‘Neighbour from hell’ banned from home

The property in Keats Close, Aylesbury, which has been issued with a closure notice
The property in Keats Close, Aylesbury, which has been issued with a closure notice

The occupant of a home where there has been ‘non-stop’ anti-social behaviour has been banned from the property.

Police have been granted a closure order by magistrates for the property in Keats Close, Aylesbury – the first to be issued in Buckinghamshire.

It excludes everyone from the property, including the occupant, for the next three months.

Police commander for Aylesbury, Supt Olly Wright, said: “I am pleased that the Magistrates’ Court has granted the closure order for the property in Keats Close. “Anti-social behaviour can cause great problems for the local community.

“Residents in Keats Close should not have to have their lives disrupted by such behaviour and I hope that this closure order will be a great relief for them.”

Police said the closure notice was authorised after reports of anti-social behaviour at the property and close co-operation with the district council and housing provider.

It is unclear who lived at the property, as neighbours say there were so many people arriving and leaving at all hours of the day and night.

One neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Bucks Herald earlier this month that there had been ‘non stop’ trouble from the property since his family moved to the street 18 months ago.

He said: “There’s been police raids and noise all hours of the morning and night, especially in the summer.

He has two young children and a newborn baby, but the constant anti-social behaviour has forced him to look elsewhere for a home.

He said: “We’ve been saving for a deposit and we’ve just got enough, so we’ll be moving in the next few months.

“We have young children but we’ve never let them out the front to play because they had this pitbull type dog they would let out.

“It kept my partner from going outside, she’d call me and say ‘they’ve let the dog out again’.

“I’ve come home from work before and it’s attacked the van. I told them the next time I wouldn’t stop driving.”

Another Keats Close resident had only been living in their new property three months, but had already experienced trouble.

She said: “There is constant police activity down here. One night, this bloke was outside our house shouting and kept throwing stones at my sister’s window. She was too scared to sleep that night.

“Another time, we had a man come to our door selling meat from a rucksack. It was a bit weird.

Anyone who has any concerns regarding anti-social behaviour should call the Thames Valley Police enquiry line on 101.