Near miss at Griffin Lane level crossing prompts stark warning

Network Rail has urged vigilance after harrowing film footage emerged of a cyclist narrowly cheating death.
Near Miss at Griffin Lane Level CrossingNear Miss at Griffin Lane Level Crossing
Near Miss at Griffin Lane Level Crossing

As a 60mph London Marylebone-bound train misses the man by inches, a sickening crunch is heard - the train crushing the cyclist’s bike.

The shocking incident took place on 12 November at Griffin Lane level crossing in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, which Network Rail has since closed.

Ben Parish, Network Rail route level crossing manager, said: “This frightening footage is a stark reminder of the need for vigilance at all level crossings. This applies all times of year but especially at Christmas when festive drinks are flowing. Our top priority is safety.”

The Aylesbury near-miss follows a similar incident near Leeds last summer where a cyclist narrowly avoided being hit by a train between Bradford and Leeds

A diversionary route is now in place via Griffin Lane, St Anne’s Road and Gatehouse Way. For more information on safe use of level crossings logon to