My name's Andy and I have a roast potato addiction...

Hello my name is Andy Collins and I have a roast potato addiction there I've said it !!!

By The Newsroom
Friday, 2nd March 2018, 6:30 am
Bucks Herald Columnist and Aylesbury legend Andy Collins shares the trials and tribulations of getting fit after a big Christmas and New year.. .
Bucks Herald Columnist and Aylesbury legend Andy Collins shares the trials and tribulations of getting fit after a big Christmas and New year.. .

The thing is probably like you I love my Sunday roasts but if we don’t fancy cooking it ourselves or letting our partner do it and on that note why do they feel it’s a challenge to use every pot and pan you have in the house to cook the bleeding thing!!!!

So we go out don’t we but this is where the search for the perfect Sunday roast becomes tougher than the quest for the holy grail!!!

I mean in your opinion - where is the best place to go for a Sunday roast?

My top three so far would be the The Dog Pub in Bierton I know it has weird decor I mean what’s that purple wall all about?

But the giant Yorkshire pudding is so yummy!

The Broad Leys I agree wedged in between the petrol garage and police station it won’t win beauty spot 2018, but its pork crackling and parsnip side dishes have to be tasted to be believed.

And then there is The Chandor Arms in Weston Turville recently decorated it has the feel of a modern old worldly pub its carvery is second to none a fine selection of meats and yes you can ask for a bit of all three meats on offer.

It has the best roasties ever and the secret of a perfect Sunday roast THICK gravy!

Now at this point you probably saying that Andy Collins is a good looking chap but he is wrong about that!!!

The best Sunday roast is ????? (ok maybe your not saying the first bit) but I look forward to hearing your perfect Sunday roast eatery suggestions via the letters page.

Now as you know in my quest to get fit on my breakfast show on BBC Three Counties for the last two months I’ve been doing a get active with Andy feature and I’m going to be honest it’s been blooming hard work in fact at the last weigh in on Friday which we did live on air one of my listeners who started at same time as me in January has lost just over a stone me on the other hand I’ve gone up and put on a pound from my starting weight in January !! Where am I going wrong (could be down to the roast potatoes)

And now down to me volunteering live on air I’m now doing the BlitzXtreme Run being held at Green Park, Aston Clinton on 4th March at 9am.

It consists of various obstacles throughout a 2k, 5k or 10k course through natural terrain. (I’m doing the 5K one )

It’s the first of its kind to be held in Buckinghamshire, so if you fancy it too visit or email [email protected] to enter.

And if you just want to come down to cheer us on and maybe throw me the odd roast potato please do be lovely to see you.

keep smiling

Andy x

Andy Collins can be heard presenting BBC Three Counties Radio’s breakfast show - Monday to Friday - 6am to 9am. The station can be heard on 94.7FM across the Vale or on DAB digital radio.