Mum’s giant egg outfit brings some fun to the school run for Lola’s campaign

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An Aylesbury mum went on the school run dressed as a giant egg to raise awareness of her daughter’s severe allergies.

Lindsey Wertheim raised more than £450 for Allergy UK to highlight four-year-old Lola’s life-threatening allergy to certain foods.

Lola wanted the fundraising to be positive and give their friends a laugh, which led to the giant egg outfit being worn.

Lindsey said: “Lola suffers from severe allergies including anaphylaxis. She is allergic to egg, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soya, wheat, fish and tomato as well as having environmental allergies.

“I wanted to do something to help raise money for Allergy UK but also to help raise awareness. Dressing like a giant egg certainly got people talking and asking questions which helps understanding.

“Living with allergies is challenging and keeping a severely allergic child safe relies on the support of other people around them to be mindful of not exposing and putting sufferers at risk.

“We are lucky we’ve had a lot of support from her school and other parents but there is a worrying lack of awareness around the severity of allergies. Lola can react to touch and even cross-contamination, such as a shared toy which can result in anaphylaxis or even death.”

Lindsey made the brave school run on May 20.

Rebecca Carey, fundraising manager for Allergy UK says: “We loved the way Lindsey and her daughter Lola chose something so simple and original to support us. It certainly grabbed people’s attention as well as raising a fantastic amount of money. We are incredibly grateful for the family’s support, which will in turn, help to us to help other families living with allergic conditions.”

Allergy UK is a national medical charity providing advice, information and support to people with allergies and food intolerance. Rates of allergy are increasing with one in three people being affected at some point in our lives.

The charity has a helpline and network for sufferers, and provides invaluable information and guidance to empower sufferers so that they can manage their symptoms and receive appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

To find out more about Allergy UK visit or to support Lindsey visit