MP launches bill to ban pavement parking – but is it needed here?

An MP has today introduced a bill into Parliament which would strengthen laws against vehicles parking on pavements.
Pavement parking could be banned if an MP's bill becomes lawPavement parking could be banned if an MP's bill becomes law
Pavement parking could be banned if an MP's bill becomes law

Simon Hoare’s private members bill calls for greater powers for ‘highway authorities to make further provision for the safety, convenience and free movement on pavements of disabled people, older people, people accompanying young children and other vulnerable pedestrians; to clarify, strengthen and simplify the law relating to parking on pavements in England and Wales; and for connected purposes’.

National charity Living Streets, which campaigns for pedestrians, has welcomed the North Dorset MP’s bill.

Its chief executive Joe Irvin said: ‘We have been campaigning for years to reclaim our pavements for pedestrians and we are delighted that this important issue is finally being addressed after being delayed twice in the last Parliament.

“Pavements are for people, not vehicles and it is about time that this issue is prioritised and given the attention it deserves.

“Pavement parking is dangerous. It can obstruct the footway and force pedestrians into the path of oncoming traffic. This is particularly dangerous for vulnerable pedestrians including those with reduced mobility or sight loss, wheelchair or mobility scooter users and parents with young children or buggies.

“From our own research (a YouGov poll in December 2014 for Living Streets) we know that 62% of people over the age of 65 were worried about obstructions on the pavement such as cars parked on the pavement for their friends and relations aged 65 and over. Parents also tell us it is one of their main worries in relation to children walking to school.

“London has had a pavement parking ban since 1975 and the Scottish Parliament now also has a Bill before it to do so. We want parking on the pavement to be banned and we fully support Mr Hoare as he works to make the pavement parking bill a reality.”

>>>Do you back a pavement ban? Is it needed in your area?