MP hears of vital work helping parents in crisis have access to their children

MP David Lidington visited Aylesbury Vale Child Contact Centre to see its work in helping parents facing relationship breakdown, meeting the co-ordinator, volunteers and people using the service.
MP David Lidington visits Aylesbury Vale Child Contact CentreMP David Lidington visits Aylesbury Vale Child Contact Centre
MP David Lidington visits Aylesbury Vale Child Contact Centre

The member for Aylesbury heard how the centre, with operates from the Methodist Church Centre, is there to help parents sort out access to their children.

A spokeswoman for the centre said: “Often it is difficult for parents to agree this, and for the non-resident parent, not seeing their children can be very painful. Equally the resident parent may want to ensure contact with the non-resident parent, to keep life as normal as possible for them, but may be concerned about this. “Grandparents may have also been excluded from seeing their grandchildren, and we can help them with contact too.

“The centre, which operates from the Methodist Church Centre in Aylesbury, provides a place of safety and support where the non-resident parent can have quality time seeing and playing with their children. It is a happy place, despite the reason for its existence, and people often comment on how friendly and relaxed it is there.

Volunteers, under the guidance of a co-ordinator, provide safety and support for both parents and children whilst at the centre. Parents often tell us they don’t know what they would do without the centre, and that it has enabled them to regain their greatest loss, that of not seeing their children.

“Parents are also able to get advice on where to go for related issues, as well as having a non-judgmental ear to listen to them.

“If you know of anyone who likes children, is good with people and wants to make a difference, please tell them about us. Committment is only 3 hours per month, and the volunteers make a great team.

“The service of the centre is totally free, funded through grants, and parents can self-refer via the website, or make enquiries by phoning the number below, prior to meeting the coordinator.

“Maybe as a grandparent, friend or neighbour, you know someone who is struggling to get to see their children. Mention the contact centre to them? You may make a great difference to their life.

For more details call 0772 2036873 or visit