MP David Lidington writes letter to Taylor Wimpey amid A41 traffic row

Traffic, traffic and more traffic..
Traffic, traffic and more traffic..

Aylesbury's MP penned a letter to Taylor Wimpey CEO Mr Redfern saying he was 'deeply dissatisfied' with the developers actions, and requested them to be 'urgently rectified'.

Taylor Wimpey have caused chaos in Aylesbury over the past few weeks after they decided to unplug the permanent traffic lights on the A41 outside the Holiday Inn in Aylesbury.

The temporary lights have caused chaos at this junction

The temporary lights have caused chaos at this junction

David Lidington wrote: "I have been in contact with the County Council regarding this issue and I have received a response from Cllr Mark Shaw, Cabinet Member for Transport, that suggests the decision to remove the permanent traffic lights and impose a one-lane system on this major road was taken unilaterally by Taylor Wimpey as the developer.

"I am deeply dissatisfied that this course of action has taken place unilaterally with little or no consultation with residents or the County Council being provided.

"I would welcome any comments you have on the situation and how it can be urgently rectified."

Transport for Bucks revealed the developer had unplugged the traffic lights causing chaos on Aylesbury's roads over the past two weeks.

However, Taylor Wimpey denied this saying they were working in the full knowledge of of Transport For Bucks, but admitted they were sorry for any disruptions.

Traffic lights were installed by Taylor Wimpey on July 8 as part of housing development work going on near to the Holiday Inn on the A41.

Transport for Bucks revealed "The first we knew of the permanent traffic signals being ripped down and being replaced with the developers temporary signals was when our CCTV went black."

After communications between Taylor Wimpey and Transport for Bucks, it was agreed more 'intelligent temporary signals' would be put in place, to improve traffic flow.

During the course of the week the temporary lights also were manned, which helped to improve the flow of traffic between 6am and 8pm.

However, somewhat inexplicably according to Transport for Bucks: "The developers decided to change the traffic management, reducing traffic down to just one lane both in and our of Aylesbury, which has massively increased congestions.

"They did not notify Transport for Bucks of this change - and if they advised BCC Development Management, then Development Management did not inform Transport for Bucks.

"Once again, Transport for Buckinghamshire has been left to deal with the aftermath of the Contractors actions."