MP asks Government to call in controversial plans for new houses

Map showing proposed housing development north of Brook Street, Aston Clinton
Map showing proposed housing development north of Brook Street, Aston Clinton

Aylesbury MP David Lidington has asked the Government to call in an application for 91 new homes in Aston Clinton.

The request from Mr Lidington comes a month after Aylesbury Vale District Council officers gave the green light to the plan despite receiving 306 letters objecting to the application.

Mr Lidington, district councillors Phil Yerby and Carole Paternoster and Aston Clinton Parish Council all objected to the scheme by developers the CH Rolfe Will Trust.

Mr Lidington said: “It’s an exceptional step for central government to call in a planning application and remove the right to decide from the local council.

“Before writing to the Minister, I looked carefully at the arguments for and against this development.

“It seems to me that the plan, especially when seen in the context of other housebuilding in Aston Clinton, took little or no account of the impact of this new housing on the local road system or school places.

“The recent Inspector’s report into Hampden Fields and Fleet Marston showed that a local council is perfectly entitled to consider the impact of a scheme on the local infrastructure, public services and landscape.

“It seemed to me that in this case AVDC had assumed that these other factors could not even be weighed in the balance.

“I accept that Buckinghamshire needs to have more homes.

“I’ve met plenty of young people locally who are in decent jobs but can’t afford to get on the first rung of the housing ladder.

“But we should plan for infrastructure, employment and public services alongside new housing.

“I hope too that AVDC will give the very highest priority to completing its Local Plan, as that will be the best safeguard against speculative development.“