‘Motocross track could stamp out anti-social problem’

A petition has been launched to build a motocross track in Aylesbury
A petition has been launched to build a motocross track in Aylesbury

A youth offending service volunteer has launched a petition to build a motocross track in Aylesbury after witnessing a ‘near miss’.

Chloe Tobin, 21, who lives in Southcourt with her partner and two young children, said youngsters riding around on the bikes were a problem where she lives.

She said: “I watched two boys who were wearing no helmets of protective clothing nearly get hit by a 4x4.

“It angered me for the driver, who could have hit these boys and feel bad for a long time after, and from a mother’s perspective it worried me that they were on the public roads with no helmets or road sense.”

After reading negative comments on local social media pages about similar behaviour in her neighbourhood, she decided ‘something should be done’.

After some research, the youth justice degree student set up the petition in the to see how many people would be in favour of the new track, and it has now got more than 270 signatures.

The mother-of-two said: “I’m thinking of asking the council for a grant. I’m not sure of the cost yet, but I’m sure it wont be as expensive as some of the facilities that have been built in and around Aylesbury before.”

Ms Tobin has spoken to police and local councillors about her idea, which has been received well so far.

A spokesman for Aylesbury Vale District Council said: “Councillor Agoro met with the AVDC communities team to discuss the options available and we suggested that he could look into the possibility of a link up with Rogue Racing go-karting in Stocklake.”

To sign the petiton, visit www.change.org/ and click on ‘browse’ to search for it.