Morris dancing brings a smile to the Camerons

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DAVID Cameron has been entertained by the Whitchchurch Morris Men and afterwards spoke to the group and showed off his knowledge of the tradition.

The Whitchurch men have danced at the Plough at Cadsden, near Princes Risborough, for the last six years.

The performance is popular with those enjoying a drink after leaving the house for a post-Christmas walk.

During this year’s Boxing Day dance Nigel Cox, a member of the morris group for 41 years, noticed the PM and his wife Samantha were watching.

He said: “David Cameron was enjoying his family time and I think they had all walked over from Chequers.”

Afterwards, the PM spoke to the dancers and talked about the morris men in his West Oxfordshire constituency – who dance in the same ‘Cotswold tradition’ and colours as the Whitchurch men.

Mr Cox described Mr Cameron as ‘a very sociable sort of chap’.

“He was ordinary and there were no politics involved,” he said.

The Whitchurch men have also performed in front of Jamiroquai frontman JK, who lives in nearby Horsenden.