Monsta Pizza win legal battle against trademark bullies Monster Energy drinks

The Wendover pizza company has been embroiled in frivolous legal battle with the energy drinks giant.

Thursday, 7th February 2019, 11:51 am
Updated Monday, 11th February 2019, 8:48 am
The Wendover pizza company has been embroiled in frivolous legal battle with the energy drinks giant.

The case started in May 2017 and eventually went to tribunal in August 2018.

Monsta won the initial case with the UK Intellectual Property Office ruling in their favour against all of Monster energy's arguments.

However, in October they learned that Monster Energy had filed an appeal against the decision and it has now been referred to the UK Government Legal Department, who then called a second hearing on the 8th January 2019.

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However, they have now won the appeal process and no more legal action can be taken from this point.

Monsta Pizza thought they were out of the woods after winning the initial legal battle last year, however Monster Energy decided to appeal the case.

This put Monsta Pizza in a tricky position where funds were running out and they decided to use the legal equivalent of crowdfunding to help fight the case.

Luckily, enough funds were saved via the crowdfunding website to stave off the legal challenge.

Monsta Pizza, of Wendover in Buckinghamshire, had successfully fought a claim by the US energy drinks giant in August 2018.

But Monster Energy appealed against the decision of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) claiming consumers could be confused by the names.

However, the bid was rejected "in its entirety" at the Court of Appeal.

The entire legal battle has cost Monsta £11,000 - with only £2400 recuperated from costs. £6,500 4 -5 out of pocket

Chris Dominey, who runs Monsta with Chris Lapham said: "We got the result last week, a text message from our Lawyer.

"As soon as it came through me and Chris jumped for joy!

"There was a huge sense of relief and we're now more motivated than ever to make a huge success of the business."

The pizza company, which focuses on making food fun is looking to get children more involved in making their food, turning mealtimes into a family event.

They hope to one day, open a family restaurant.

To book Monsta Pizza for an event, please visit: