Modern-day Lady Godivas strip off to highlight road safety around horses

Like modern-day Lady Godivas, three plucky horse riders have stripped down to their bra and knickers – to prove a point about road safety.

Wednesday, 2nd September 2015, 11:30 am
Gayle riding Athena as part of the campaign

Gayle Finnis, 19, who lives in Aylesbury and keeps horses in Bierton, took the brave step with ther friends Fae Loudoun and Rosie Stuart to encourage drivers to slow down for horses.

The former Waddesdon School pupil rode horse Athena wearing just her underwear.

Her photographer friend Fae, from Aston Clinton, took pictures and also posed, while Rosie, from Owlswick, took part as well.

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Fae Loudoun riding Athena as part of the campaign

The stunt had a serious message; Gayle herself has suffered near misses in the past, where drivers have acted inconsiderately while she is riding on country roads.

She said: “Well it worked, a lot of drivers did slow down, if only to take a video.

“I wasn’t really nervous because I am a bit wacky, it was a good laugh.

“I’ve had a near miss myself, at Burcott near the blind bend there.

Rosie Stuart from Owlswick (pic by Fae Loudoun)

“A car tried to overtake on that bend and another car was coming the other way, with me on the horse in the middle.

“I was lucky because my horses are absolutely amazing in traffic, but if it was a younger horse, or a child was on the back it could have been so much worse, the horse could have bolted.”

The friends’ campaign is part of a national push to encourage drivers to be more aware.

Starting in Wales, the drive has taken social media by storm, with riders using the hashtag #willyouslowdownformenow

Rosie Stuart from Owlswick (pic by Fae Loudoun)

Photographer Fae is now considering turning the images into a poster, to raise money for charity.

Gayle added: “My message to drivers would be please pass wide and slow.

“We will pull over when we can, but horses are living things and do have a mind of their own.”