Mental health care charity set up by Aylesbury mums

Amy Stevens and Gill Dumbarton who have set up Clear Mind Happy Child
Amy Stevens and Gill Dumbarton who have set up Clear Mind Happy Child

Two young mums from Aylesbury have set up a charity dedicated to support people like them struggling with mental health issues.

Amy Stevens and Gill Dumbarton have set up Clear Mind Happy Child which aims to support mothers struggling with mental health issues, an issue close to the pair's hearts.

Clear Mind Happy Child has the goal of 'giving you the chance to get better without overlooking what’s important to you.'

Amy and Gill said: "We are both mums from Aylesbury who have been through mental health struggles.

"We have also struggled in our own individual ways to get the right help and support needed for our two children while being able to get ourselves better.

"These struggles inspired us to create this foundation to prevent women going through the same bad experiences.”

Amy and Gill are planning to meet Aylesbury MP David Lidington in the New Year and they are also holding an information evening in January.

This is a free event which is being held at the Multicultural Centre on Friarscroft Way on Wednesday January 30 at 7.30pm.

Amy and Gill have set up a Facebook group for their charity called 'Clear Mind Happy Child'.

This gives more details about how people can get involved with their charity and also features their stories of struggling with the mental health support system.

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Amy and Gill have also set up a Go Fund Me page where you can donate to the charity at