Market Square to be blocked off to protect historic cobbles from ‘inconsiderate’ motorists

Cars parked in Market Square, Aylesbury
Cars parked in Market Square, Aylesbury

The entrance to Aylesbury’s Market Square is being blocked off to stop vehicles encroaching onto the historic cobbles.

Aylesbury Vale District Council says it is ‘disappointed’ at having to put in the new access restrictions because ‘inconsiderate’ motorists have been ignoring the no entry signs into the square and parking there to avoid paying for a ticket elsewhere.

The busy square’s historic cobbles, which are at least 150 years old, are becoming damaged from car oil leaks.

Councillor Brian Roberts, cabinet member for civic amenities said: “Cars parked on the Market Square cobbles during the evening and on non market days look unsightly, damage the stones and add vehicles to what should be a pedestrianised area.

“It’s extremely disappointing that we have been forced into locking the bollards because a few drivers can’t be trusted to park their cars properly.”

Businesses around the square have been told about the restrictions and keys have been supplied to essential users.