Man wore tights on his head for robberies but was thwarted by Aylesbury newsagent who hit him with a mug


A man who wore a pair of tights on his head to hold up a newsagent’s has been sent to prison.

George Drawmer, aged 26, of Carnation Way, Aylesbury, pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted robbery at Aylesbury Crown Court on Tuesday.

He was sentenced at the same court on the same day to 13 months’ imprisonment for each offence.

The first incident was at the Co-Op in Harvey Road in Aylesbury on January 28.

Drawmer placed a pair of tights on his head and demanded money but then left the shop before any money was handed over. On January 29 at JB Newsagents in Stoke Road, Aylesbury, Drawmer walked into the shop and said he wanted money.

He had his hands in his pockets as if he had a weapon in his pocket, but it later transpired he had been carrying a pen. Drawner reached over the till as though to grab money, but one of the cashiers threw cold tea from her mug over him and chased him out of the store while hitting him on the head with the mug.