Man died from lethal mix of drink and drugs near homeless tent in Aylesbury Waitrose car park

View - Entrance to the Travelodge and Waitrose car park off of Exchange Street in Aylesbury
View - Entrance to the Travelodge and Waitrose car park off of Exchange Street in Aylesbury

A 25-year-old man died from an accidental drink and drug overdose while outside a tent belonging to a homeless friend in the Waitrose car park, an inquest heard.

Jude Leather told his family he was making his way into Aylesbury town centre to watch the new James Bond film, when he instead met up with another addict friend.

They drank super-strength lager together, with Mr Leather also injecting himself with heroin at some point during the day.

He passed out through the combination of drink and drugs while outside the tent and was found not breathing soon after. The inquest heard that Mr Leather’s friend, David Kennedy, had denied any knowledge of taking drugs with him. The 25-year-old had been a frequent drug user in the past but had been in hospital for a year before his death.

It was thought that his time off drugs could, ironically, have contributed to his death as his tolerance to illicit substances could have fallen as a result.

The inquest was told that Mr Leather had been dropped off at a friend’s house in Aylesbury, at around 2pm on November 15 by his mother, with whom he had been staying the previous night in the nearby village of Prestwood.

Mr Leather discovered his friend was not home and decided to walk into town – telling his mother he was intending to go back to the house after going to the cinema.

However Mr Kennedy said Mr Leather phoned him instead and they met up. Mr Leather drank three cans of Tennants super-strength lager while with Mr Kennedy but was not seen to take any drugs.

They went back to the tent in a Waitrose car park where Mr Kennedy was living with his girlfriend, Sharon Eldred, and they continued drinking.

Mr Kennedy went into the tent to smoke a cigarette and Mr Leather stayed outside. Mr Kennedy could hear him snoring and thought he had passed out through drinking so much alcohol.

However when he stopped snoring 10 minutes later Mr Kennedy and Miss Eldred both went outside and discovered he had stopped breathing and no pulse could be found. Miss Eldred attempted CPR while Mr Kennedy called for an ambulance.

During his post mortem examination a small patch of blood, consistent with having had a recent injection, was found near his groin.

The inquest was told that in October Mr Leather had been provided with new accommodation at a supporting living site in Slough, but often made the trip back to Aylesbury as he didn’t like living there.

Coroner Richard Hulett, ssaid that Mr Leather had been ‘caught out’ by the combination of drink and drugs.

His death was recorded by as being through alcohol and drug use.

Speaking after the inquest, Mr Leather’s family said they would remember him as a talented artist, and that they had kept much of his artwork.