Magical moment as Simon scoops award

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A magician has pulled a career rabbit out of the hat by scooping a top award.

Simon Jones, from Berryfields, who entertains children and adults across the region has won the Home Counties Magical Society Close Up Magic Competition.

And the award is extra special, because Simon only gave up his job as a cleaning worker three years ago to follow his dream of doing his hobby full time.

Speaking about taking part in the competition, which took place at a private magic club in Reading, dad of one Simon, 34, who has lived in Aylesbury all his life, said: “There were eight entrants including myself who had to perform magic for an invited audience which had to be longer than seven mins but no longer than 10 mins to qualify and were judged on magical content and entertainment quality!

“I presented a series of magical effects using playing cards and Rubik’s cubes with the highlight being solving a Rubik’s cube in less than four seconds whilst being thrown in the air one handed behind my back!

“I was presented the very impressive trophy by the clubs president Steve Graham and will hold the title for a 

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