LISTEN: Aylesbury radio presenter Andy Collins gets the giggles during news item on trees

Andy Collins
Andy Collins

We’ve probably all been there - when you’ve laughed uncontrollably at the wrong moment or at something that’s not supposed to be funny.

Listeners across Aylesbury Vale (including the writer of this article) had their morning brightened when they heard Aylesbury panto star Andy Collins collapse into giggles during a news broadcast on trees this morning (Friday).

Andy was in the process of introducing a guest following a pre-recorded audio report about some residents in Luton who were calling on the local council to cut down trees that were intruding their properties when he collapsed into uncontrollable laughter.

After a few seconds silence and then more laughter, produced Ben Nye took over and introduced the guest who told the host to ‘pull himself together.’

Andy did that and then conducted the interview.

If you fancy a laugh you can listen to the clip around the two hour 40 minute mark of the show here:

You can listen to Andy weekday mornings between 6am and 9am on BBC Three Counties Radio, on 94.7FM across Aylesbury or on DAB digital radio.