Lighthouse holiday fun is cancelled for next summer

Mayor of Thame Cllr Tom Wyse at Lighthouse Thame
Mayor of Thame Cllr Tom Wyse at Lighthouse Thame

Organisers of the popular Lighthouse Thame and Villages have announced that next year’s holiday week will not take place.

This summer’s scheme saw 1,000 children and almost 500 helpers enjoy the summer get-together, which is organised by a voluntary committee drawn from a number of local churches of different denominations.

A review of the way the event is set up and run is to be made and the organisers say they will back for summer 2019.

A statement from the Lighthouse Committee said: “Having started in 2008 with 300 children and 280 helpers, this year it ran with 1,000 children and almost 500 helpers.

“The fantastic volunteer team enabled it to grow - not just in numbers but in fun, creativity and many other ways too. The systems set up 10 years ago now need to be reviewed to make sure the success of Lighthouse continues into the future.

“Consequently, the Lighthouse Committee has identified the need to refresh various elements of Lighthouse, including how the week itself runs and its

administration. It is also time to set up new governance arrangements that meet the needs of a growing charity.

“This will involve a very significant amount of work, which needs to be the focus for the coming year.

“We have come to the difficult decision that we are unable to run Lighthouse in 2018 at the same time as making these essential changes. It will mean that our future has every opportunity to be even better, whilst continuing to be the safe and fun environment that it has always been.

“The committee have consulted closely with key local church leaders who have given us their unanimous support. We have not made this decision lightly, and realise it may cause disappointment. But we hope everyone will understand that we need to allow our volunteer leadership team the space to refine, develop and restructure to build for the future.

“We are so thankful for the hundreds of volunteers without whom Lighthouse would not be possible. We will be back in 2019 – and look forward to seeing you then for another fun week at Lighthouse.”

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