Lidington puts case for new HS2 tunnel

David Lidington MP
David Lidington MP

David Lidington has urged fellow MPs to demand that HS2 is placed in a deep bored tunnel as its passes Wendover.

The Aylesbury MP spoke in favour of the ‘Tunnel Bored One Way’ (T-BOW)proposal at the HS2 select committee.

It involves tunneling from one end rather than from both ends making it ‘substantially cheaper’ than the extended Chilterns tunnel proposal which the committee rejected.

Mr Lidington said: “It would also reduce the construction impact by having the spoil evacuated from the end of the tunnel nearest to London, reducing the impacts on traffic around Stoke Mandeville and Aylesbury.

“I also made the case for backup options to protect Wendover if the Committee does not approve T-BOW.

“These include bored, mined, and extended green tunnel proposals to protect residents as well as key sites like St Mary’s Church and the Wendover Campus of the Chiltern Way Federation.

“I will have further conversations with Committee members as well as Transport Ministers to push for a fair and transparent comparison of the costs of these different schemes before my final Committee appearance in the New Year.

“Anyone wishing to see or read the transcript of my appearance can do so from my website.”