Lidington: “Let law take its course over child sexual exploitation”

David Lidington MPDavid Lidington MP
David Lidington MP
MP David Lidington says that communities in Aylesbury will unite following today’s child sexual exploitation raids – but police should not shy away from investigating fully for fear of upsetting ethnic minority groups.

Mr Lidington, speaking to the Bucks Herald, said that all communities would be shocked that seven men from the town had been arrested for the alleged crimes against two pre-teen girls, and urged any further victims to come forward.

He said: “I think the important thing is that the police press ahead and there should be no question of people holding off in the way that they seem to have been doing in Rotherham, by worrying about upsetting community relations.

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“But I have every confidence in Thames Valley Police, and it is important for the law to take its course as no one has been charged, let alone found guilty yet.

“I know that people from every community in Aylesbury is going to be horrified and want to see anyone guilty of crimes like this brought to justice.”

He added: “I also hope that anyone who has been a victim of abuse or has any evidence will go to the police.

“The people responsible for these crimes can only be brought to justice if people are willing to give evidence to the police or in court.

“Without evidence there is no way justice can be done.”

If you have any information about child sexual exploitation call Thames Valley Police on 101.