Letters round-up: Words fail me over Watermead crematorium

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A letter from an angry resident furious at the decision to allow the Watermead crematorium is included in this week’s round-up.


I have today attended the strategic development management committee meeting at AVDC Gateway offices.

Words fail me to the logic of the committee members and the ability of the planners Mick Denman and Ms Kitchen.

Mick Denman didn’t know the widths of the adjacent road, the fact that the lake was included in the application, details of parking and almost every other issue concerned.

This meeting was pre- determined by the councillors and the facts ignored by numerous speakers with sound reasoning against the application.

I seriously question the ability of the AVDC council to look after the best interests of our town.

We now have permission granted for two crematoriums within one and a half miles and possibly another at Kimble, maybe the council have a sinister motive in store for the population of Aylesbury.

Roger Cooling



I have been a long time Labour supporter and I knew that it would be difficult for the party to retain the seat in Southcourt after Mr Beall resigned but when I went to vote in the by-election last Thursday I was very surprised to see a 4x4 with Liberal Democrats stickers on all the doors parked up in the car park of the polling station. Is this not a breach of election rules?

I heard from one neighbour that when they went to vote there was a person wearing a Liberal Democrats rosette inside that ballot room (all the other party representatives were outside). Again is this not a breach of rules?

I was told by other neighbours when they went down to vote they saw people carrier taxis dropping people off at the polling station, and again a 4x4 parked up with Liberal Democrats stickers on the doors.

I can only assume that using these vehicles was another Liberal Democrats tactic based on what I had seen and been told.

Now I am sure all of the above actions must have just been “accidents” from a well established party which is ,as everyone else would expect to know better, but I would not be surprised if they were doing whatever it took to win.

It does make me wonder if the polling stations for the other by-election on Thursday was subject to similar events.

Kenneth Jones
via email


Wake up Aylesbury and Bierton. Important decisions will soon be made about new roads on Aylesbury eastern approach. You need to be aware of what is happening.

For many years the county council has planned to provide a better road into the town from the east.

A start was made 20 years ago when Vale Park Way was built between High Street and Park Street.

The intention was that this road should continue on the old railway land along Stocklake, crossing Douglas Road and out to the peripheral road. That would allow traffic coming into Aylesbury via the A41 from Tring and A418 via Bierton to avoid the existing inadequate roads which now carry so much commercial traffic.

Clearly, the proposed new road should ultimately be to the same standard as Vale Park Way, even if it is initially built as a single carriageway .

Nothing in the planning of new development should be 
allowed to prejudice this.

In my letter to the Herald on November 12, I described the inadequate concept proposed by Barratts for the section of Stocklake Link which falls within their territory.

It indicates up to 10 side roads, to left and right of the new 
road development which will require school children to cross the road.

I submit that this will not do. The design brief from the county as highway authority must be quite clear on that point.

We do not need another Bedgrove-style spine road.

All this was pointed out in my letter to Councillor Vigor-Hedderley nearly a month ago.

As she has not yet replied, I am concerned that she does not understand the importance of what is happening.

I might add that the same letter contained my criticism of the lack of road drainage maintenance.

Weeds have been allowed to grow in road channels and gullies. Effective drainage maintenance is vital for keeping roads in good condition.

Putting out flood warning signs is not the answer

O J Oliver

Campion Close, Aylesbury


I am starting the new BBC diet today.... it is very simple and costs nothing:

No beer, no biscuits and no cake... expect to lose half a stone before Christmas!

Hee! hee!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Simon Icke

Long Plough, Aston Clinton


Last Wednesday afternoon when Aylesbury Fire Brigade were demonstrating in Kingsbury Square with 1,000 of the nation’s firemen, a party of members of the Charles Pope Ladies’ Choir were trapped in a lift at a care home during a concert for residents.

We are extremely grateful to the non-striking Emergency Fire Team who came and released us after one and a half hours. The Fire Officer told me that it was a simple matter to use his key to unlock the lift doors at the top from the outside.

We had been receiving messages that the engineers were on their way so we were very relieved to see the Fire Officer after standing crushed for all that time.

Many of the choir members are elderly and some were recovering from recent surgery so we were particularly fortunate that no-one collapsed under the strain.

Had a fire occurred or a resident such as those to whom we had been singing were in the lift, the result would have been very different.

If a member of staff who understood how to release the lift had been available we would have been spared the suffocating heat and anxiety.

I urge those in charge of care homes to ensure that staff are aware of the existence of such keys and that they are displayed in an accessible place. The lift is directly opposite reception.

The Charles Pope Ladies’ Choir, originating in the 1960s, is the only surviving named musical heritage of this phenomenal music director whom many of you will remember.

We welcome any ladies who love singing as much as he did to join us on Thursday mornings at Stoke Mandeville Methodist Church for rehearsals at 10am.

We really need more members and would also welcome an accompanist/conductor following the retirement of our much-loved long- serving Jan Benson.

We perform concerts throughout the year but particularly at Christmas.

Meanwhile, our gratitude once again to the gallant firemen who gave up their time to come to our rescue.

Dorothy Bates, Wendover Road, Aylesbury


As a local resident, I know I can’t be alone in worrying about our housing situation and where the next generation are going to live?

Surely, with an election around the corner, there needs to be more of a serious local debate about the homes we desperately need in our community.

The increasing need for affordable homes and big shortfall in supply means house prices are becoming out of reach of our pay packets.

Home ownership is at its lowest level since 1987 and renting from the private sector is eating up more and more of our hard earned salaries.

I am part of the Yes to Homes campaign, which is helping to create a lifeline for people who are renting, trying to get on the housing ladder, or stuck at home with only dreams of moving out.

We all need to be prepared to join in the local debate with our Quarrendon councillors to tackle this problem, and think about how we can get the right homes in the right places at prices that are affordable for everybody in the borough.

We need more local voices saying Yes to Homes so our community leaders take notice, and more importantly action, to deliver those homes.

If you join the campaign, together we can make them listen. Please sign the petition for more of the right homes, in the right place, at the right price at 

Julie Fenn

Address supplied


I have just returned from the Carols in the Square in Aylesbury which was moved to St Mary’s church because of 
inclement weather.

Last week I was told that the police had ejected homeless people from an Aylesbury car park at night and threatened them with prosecution should they return within 48 hours. This happened when night time temperatures were below zero.

“Winter Warmth”has yet to start and this year will provide seven beds only, which I believe will be inadequate.

As a council tax payer and car park user I am distressed that at the very least the police seem unable to turn a blind eye to homeless people finding shelter, albeit inadequate, in a public car park.

People who sleep rough are rarely at a stage in life where they feel able to access more formal assistance but warrant compassion and understanding in order to be able to reach that stage. I wish to live in a society that recognises this with tolerance.

Were circumstances different that evicted homeless rough sleeper could be me or even 

Maryon Pates

Address supplied


It is worrying to see the increased use of real reindeer in Christmas parades, ‘Santa’s grottos’ and other festive activities.

It is undoubtedly fun for young ones to see animals 
from films and storybooks in the flesh.

However, uprooting reindeer from their natural habitat, bringing them to a life of captivity in the UK, transporting them up and down the country and subjecting them to the stress of being on public display causes reindeer significant health and welfare problems.

Our warmer weather and the food they are forced to eat here differ enormously from the climate and diet to which they are adapted.

These magical and majestic creatures shouldn’t be used as props in garden and shopping centre displays, or forced to traipse along high streets pulling a sleigh behind them.

They belong in the tundra, eating lichen and roaming the wilds in freedom.

Claudia Tarry

Campaigner, Animal Aid

The Old Chapel, Tonbridge