Letters round-up: We’re like North Korea!

Spoilt ballot
Spoilt ballot

Anger amongst voters in John Bercow’s Buckingham constituency remains following the general election.


Please find images of my ballot paper (above), created as a protest. Irrespective of the national result, we must maintain and increase the pressure on the political establishment to alter the shocking situation whereby the constituents of Buckingham are unable to vote for a candidate representing the “major” party of their choice.

Such pressure can only be achieved with the dedicated and persistent support of local media and I call upon your publication to take a lead role in correcting this democratic deficit.

There is no place for so-called parliamentary convention in the 21st century.

Robin Dixon

Lime Avenue, Buckingham


I write in response to your article regarding the latest damning OFSTED inspection at the Mandeville School.

Once again this school is hurled into the limelight for all the wrong reasons and one has to feel desperately sorry for headteacher Mr Henken, who was employed by an academy who then pulled out at the last minute leaving him with no option but to resign, and to the students and their parents, who must be fed-up of the school’s poor reputation.

This school went into special measures with a deficit budget of over £600,000 during Mr Peter Patchett’s leadership in 2013. He then took early retirement, after which Buckinghamshire County Council sacked the governing body, appointed an Interim Executive Body (IEB) as well as taking on an interim headteacher, all with the intention of improving standards and reducing the huge deficit.

However, all that appears to have happened is that the budget deficit increased by a further £300,000 even after making a considerable amount of staff redundant and the school’s performance appears to have got worse not better. I would like to know, as a tax payer, where all this money is being spent as it clearly isn’t going on the students’ education if the last set of results is anything to go by.

This sort of poor performance and appalling management of funds would never be tolerated in any other sector and the blame must lie with Buckinghamshire County Council for allowing this to get so out of control as the school clearly demonstrates a lack of discipline in managing its finances and educating its students.

Ms A Roberts



I’d like to take this opportunity of thanking all those who voted for me in last week’s Aylesbury Vale District Council elections for their support, together with my wonderful team of deliverers of leaflets etc, for which I’m extremely grateful .

It has been an honour serving you for the past four years and I’m delighted to have been re-elected to the Winslow Ward of Winslow, Padbury, Adstock and Addington and given the opportunity of being of service again.

This is an exciting time for our ward, with the East West Rail line opening in 2019 and the new cycle path from Winslow to Buckingham along the A413. With these and other important changes to our area, bringing growth and employment prospects to the district, I’m sure Winslow Town with it’s range of independent shops, cafes and Farmer’s Markets and the pretty villages of Adstock, Addington and Padbury (with its excellent butcher’s shop) will grow and prosper accordingly.

Having lived in the area for over 30 years, I’ve really enjoyed working with local residents – advising and helping answer queries that have come my way – volunteering with a great team at the Winslow Library, the Winslow Youth Club and the Simply Walk team – during which I’ve met some lovely people during my tenure, and look forward to continuing this.

Together with my BCC colleague, Cllr John Chilver, I hold a monthly surgery in the Winslow Community Library on the first Saturday of each month from 10am to noon and look forward to welcoming all residents of the Winslow Ward to come to see us.

It’s a pleasure working on your behalf.

Councillor Sue Renshell


I wonder if some of your readers might go along with the feelings expressed in the enclosed words entitled ‘Stop the Killing.’

Our election may change things here. On the world stage it is probably a different matter.

The boat’s capsized,

Too many have drowned,

Quick response,

But only twenty eight have been found.

Where did they come from?

Why were they here?

Persecuted back home,

Got to escape somewhere.

Maybe they started in Syria,

An uprising to make life better,

But they fled dry land,

And got wetter and wetter.

It should not happen again,

As powers be to ring their hands.

Maybe they should take note,

Don’t meddle in foreign lands.

Do they really want peace?

Or a piece of foreign wealth?

The toff’s can’t be trusted,

Their methods include stealth

Is any land

Worth killing a neighbour?

Sit down and talk.

Do us all a favour.

Twenty first century,

Isis on the march.

Leaders with a blood lust,

A thirst that is parch.


Can we all be brothers?

Who wants peace, freedom, harmony?

Like so many others.

Pens not guns,

And speak don’t shoot,

Remember family and home

Isn’t that a better root?

So peace, peace, peace,

Can we all make that the goal?

May God/Allah be with you,

And be pleased with your soul.

Pip Rance

Address supplied


If you live in UK then you must respect our free democracy; which gives freedom, respect and equality for all women and girls.

Simon Icke

Aston Clinton


I have been out canvassing for John throughout the constituency in the past three weeks and it has become apparent to me that in the 50 years I have knocked on doors for various MPs, John is the most committed constituency MP and I feel it should be known to those who have not had the opportunity to meet him or ask for his help.

I can honestly say that whenever I meet someone who has had cause to meet John or ask John for his help they are his willing supporter.

Far from the office of Speaker being a disadvantage to his constituents, it is to my certain knowledge a great asset for us.

John’s ability to bring his constituents problems to the appropriate Minister only 
improves the result he achieves.

To those of your readers who say “they have been denied a vote” because he is Speaker, I would say that voting for John gives you the best MP any constituent could possibly want or need.

As a lifelong committed Tory, as with many people of other persuasions, I would say I am honoured to have John as my MP.

Long may he be so!

James McDonald



An open letter to councillors Martin Tett and Peter Hardy:


Reference the report of a potential coup for county council leadership – for heaven’s sake grow up!

The last thing this county needs is another episode of internecine strife that leads only to the massaging of the ego of the winner.

Buckinghamshire needs proper leadership from a group of people who are concerned with the good of all the people in all parts of the county.

What we have today is major schools reporting they are strapped for cash, and seemingly the county is towards the bottom of the list in terms of cash from the government; we have a situation where apparently the county gets less than its fair share of monies for road repairs and seemingly does not manage the receipts of Section 106 monies particularly efficiently. We have the scandal of children’s services and the lack of high-profile resignations; we have the amazing situation of the current leader’s pet incinerator now reportedly requiring to bring in waste from outside the county, something that was specifically ruled 
out at the conception of the plan.

We have HS2 thundering on apace with increased areas of the county now squabbling amongst themselves about mitigation.

We have the Select Committee visiting in two weeks and, more than ever, we need a united front not a couple of prima donnas trying to outdo each other.

Both of you have been members of the council and indeed cabinet for a considerable time and therefore you are jointly responsible for the management of our lives in respect of the issues listed above.

My advice is man up and do the job you have been elected to do.

The rest of the county expects it’s elected representative to be responsible, competent adults we have no time for pettifogging disputes that take the county council’s collective eye off the ball.

Roger Landells

Address supplied


John Bercow,

A name which has been connected with the heart of Buckingham life, for many years.

I would never wish to be an MP, as I believe it is an impossible job to please every one.

But what I have witnessed over the years, is a man who tries to help all the community of Buckingham. Recently I heard a son thank him for the support he had given for an access ramp to be installed for his mother’s sheltered home.

That made the quality of life far happier for this lady, and is equally as important that the voice of an individual is heard, and a issue resolved.

John Bercow is a family man, and simply a man who cares about the everyday lives of the people of the Buckingham seat.

Sally Anne Oultram

Little Horwood


Marie Curie is here for people living with any terminal illness, and their families. We offer expert care, guidance and support to help people make the most of their time.

Marie Curie Nurses see first-hand how vital this hands-on care and emotional support is. This is why we’re asking people to host or attend a Blooming Great Tea Party between 20 and 29 June.

Last year across the UK the Blooming Great Tea Party for Marie Curie raised £667,000, which pays for 33,350 hours of vital nursing care.

With your support we can do more, for more of the people who need us.

For more information and to sign up for a free fundraising pack to host your own Blooming Great Tea Party, visit www.mariecurie.org.uk/teatime or call 0845 052 4184. Please do share your event details, photos and follow updates on social media using #BloomingGreat

Sami Jones

Community Fundraiser


Aylesbury Business Club has proved to me that networking is far more than an exercise in exchanging business cards. Every two weeks I meet this dynamic group (slightly bleary eyed at 7am!) and enjoy their camaraderie and moral support.

Their support for Wheels at Work, a new fundraising campaign for Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research, has been sincere and overwhelming. 

My huge thanks to Cube Studios fpr taking part tomorrow with the support of the rest of Aylesbury Business club, and special thanks to Net Impact Vision who have given up hours of expertise to create a short film about the charity which will explain the aims of our campaign far more eloquently than this letter! 

Aylesbury Business Club has proved that networking is about relationships and individuals, and a genuine desire to see fellow members prosper, no matter what their business is. 

Charlotte Minoprio

Fundraising Manager, Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research


When my ME was at its worst, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t go out. Even washing my hair was tiring.” This is what one woman living with the chronic, disabling condition Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) told us about her experience for May’s ME Awareness Month. On top of symptoms including pain, cognitive difficulties and post-exertional malaise – the body’s inability to recover after expending even small amounts of energy – people with ME often face a lack of understanding about the condition from those around them.

How does it feel to live with this every day? You can find out at www.actionforme.org.uk/get-the-facts

Sonya Chowdhury

Action for M.E.