Letters round-up: Unitary, crematorium, travel centre folly, Tilbury’s and

Photo by Rupert Anson
Photo by Rupert Anson

This week one correspondent asks about the shop sign which has been revealed at Tilbury’s.


Give us unitary

In response to the outgoing chief executive of Bucks County Council Chris Williams.

I myself and many others totally agree with him in that Bucks County Council and Aylesbury District Council should both be abolished and replaced with one unitary authority

Millions of pounds of local rate payers’ money is being wasted every year with the present system.

We had the opportunity to abolish both councils in 2007, however our councillors voted against the plans. May I remind all our councillors that you are just simply servants of the rate payer of whom you receive large amounts of allowances and expenses.

May I also remind you that you are also there to represent local people’s views and concerns which I feel is not the case in this matter .

Many counties have now adopted the new system. WHY NOT BUCKS!!!!!!!

It is now time for a change and stop local councillors playing party politics with our future .

Let the local people decide with a referendum we do live in a democracy !!!!!

Peter Marks

Address supplied


No longer bound?

Now planning consent has been granted for an odious Crematorium at Watermead perhaps someone can explain how Aylesbury Vale District Council has managed to renege on legal documents it signed in 1986 between itself, Royco Corporation (the developers) and Browns (the landowners) regarding what was Dunsham Farm to become the Watermead Estate.

According to these documents the land in question was designated ‘leisure land’ and numbered on the plans as ‘public recreation/meadow’ and ‘Dry Ski Slope’ and as these facilities were reflected in the price people paid for their houses that premium will now be degraded.

The Council at the time were ‘desirous of improving the area and general locality…’ which I cannot imagine encompassed a Crematorium utility, belching out mercury and other contaminants, possibly endangering the health of our children.

Since the undertakings contained in these documents were ‘without limit of time against all owners, successors and assigns’ and ‘enforceable without limit of time’ I would like to know why the Council is no longer legally bound by these documents.

Richard King



Folly time capsule

Given the continuing interest in Aylesbury in erecting a monument to David Bowie I cannot help but feel that the £750,000 folly outside the bus station, the so-called Travel Information Centre, could at last serve a useful purpose by being renamed the Bowie Time Capsule.

It floats in a most peculiar way, its circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong, can you hear me Major Tom aka Sir Beville Stanier, Councillor for Environment and Waste?

Giles du Boulay

Malvern Road, Aylesbury


Recall Leslau’s?

I thought some of your readers might be interested in a little piece of old Aylesbury that has been rediscovered recently

The shop units in Buckingham Street, previously occupied by the butchers P S Tilbury, are currently being refurbished. During the work an old shop sign has been revealed that will probably bring back memories for many local people.

I have taken a photograph which, as well as illustrating the old sign itself, should serve to put it in context with the adjacent shop units.

I can find nothing about Leslau’s on the internet, neither can I find it illustrated in any of Karl Vaughan’s excellent books, but my wife tells me 
she had her ears pierced 
there in her teens!

Rupert Anson



Give us referendums

In her letter last week Ms Davis said that politicians aren’t directly accountable to the people and that therefore the people should form associations to get proper democratic accountability from government.

In fact politicians are accountable through elections but elections are a very blunt instrument and are a very inefficient way of making politicians answerable to the people.

Rosseau recognised this in 1762 when he said, ‘The English people believes itself to be free. It is gravely mistaken. It is free only during the election of members to parliament. As soon as members are elected the people is enslaved’.

Politicians should be accountable between elections as well as at election time and it should therefore be possible for a citizen to initiate a referendum, as he can in places like Switzerland and California.

If the people approved of the motion the citizen would enter parliament (or council chamber) as a temporary MP (or councillor) for that motion and would address MPs (or councillors) directly.

The citizen should also be able to summons a councillor to appear before a public service court which would enable the citizen to question the councillor directly.

I have explained most of these points at greater length in my previous letters which can be seen in the library.

They were published on 19-8-98, 30-11-11, 25-7-12, and 15-8-12 (The first of these letters was .name and address supplied’.).

N Hayes

Address supplied