Letters round-up: Rename newspaper the Kipper Herald!

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor

A correspondent accusing The Bucks Herald of bias towards UKIP is featured in this week’s round-up of the letters page.


Like so many residents I was so pleased to see the dismissal by the Planning Inspector of Hampden Fields and all the other speculative developments.

I believe this was as a result of all the hard work of a great many people who donated money to the cause, who wrote in and objected and gave evidence.

Several Cllrs also worked very hard on the battle against these plans.

But, watching the recent press reports relating to the dismissal of the various appeals, I am disgusted  that UKIP Councillor Phil Yerby is claiming all the credit for this.

I accept the fact that he did a good job to step in and lead the action group against Hampden Fields, but he did not act alone, as the pictures and coverage of the story in your paper seems to show.

What about all the residents who took the time to protest, either by petition or writing letters, the many councillors who spent endless hours delivering and collecting the protest letters and attending the various public meetings, the many residents who contributed cash to fight the proposals.

There is barely a mention of these people, some might think that Cllr or Sir Yerby, as some of his silliest party supporters wish to now call him, wrote the headlines and content for this paper.

Editor, you may need to change the title of your paper to the Kipper Herald, considering all the favourable coverage it gives to the local UKIP party in almost every edition.

But, as the defection of Cllr Paul Irwin from UKIP shows the party despite this paper’s seeming continued support for them is a bunch of amateurs squabbling over their own ego’s.

And further proof of this comes when I read that in a report on councillors attendance record relating to Bucks County Council meetings that Mr Chris Adams, who Wendover unfortunately elected as their County Cllr, has the worst attendance record of all 49 councillors (getbucks)
with under 40% of meetings being blessed with his presence.

His employer is listed as Nigel Farage, it seems Chris bag carrying and pint buying for his glorious leader is far more important than the residents of Wendover that trusted him with their vote.

I understand, like his master who has the worst attendance in the European Parliament, Cllr Adams also still accepts his full council allowances, despite his poor attendance record.

But I would never expect this paper to report such unfavourable facts about their favourite party. Time for balance editor!

Name and address supplied


I must take issue with your front page showing just Phil Yerby as the only person involved in the Hampden Fields planning protest.

Ok so he did a good job as Chairman, but so did a lot of others in their support; residents protesting, either by signing a petition or writing letters, many made cash contributions to the fighting fund, countless more delivering and collecting protest letters, and of course the many local councillors who were also very much involved.

So please be fair to all by recognising the massive contribution they made to bring about this successful outcome.

Brian Roberts

Lynwood Road



I, like many thousands of residents of Aylesbury, was delighted to read the front page article about the Planning Inspector turning down all four planning appeals in the Bucks Herald.

I personally would like to thank all the Councillors and our Members of Parliament who became involved in the fight against the developments which included Councillors on both District and County who worked hard for all the residents (myself included) to stop the four applications for Hampden Fields, Fleet Marston and the two at Weedon Hill.

The people of the town and our villages wrote in their thousands to object 
and thankfully the Inspector and the Minister listened to us.

Let’s hope that Councillors on the District Council recognise this and stand up to future opportunistic developers from now on, instead of listening to their Officers who seem to advise them to let the applications go through as they have in so many instances in Weston Turville and Aston Clinton area.

Council Officers on both the District and the County need to understand the collective damage these applications are having and how they are destroying our villages and the very beauty of why we have all chosen to live in this part of the County.

This brings me to the reason I decided to write to you after reading the articles, this result has come about by the strength of the residents and all the work done by our representatives on the Councils.

I feel it is a shame that the members of the Action Group committee were not included in the front page picture as it is all of them, not just one, who worked so hard for us all.

Mike Collins

Address supplied


I am writing this letter as one of the five thousand affected members of the public who have objected to your application to build thousands of houses on the green fields known as Hampden Fields.

The fact that thousands of men, women and children objected, some of whom no longer live in the area but still felt strongly enough to object seems to have been ignored, especially by you.

I understand that the land was originally gifted to the County Council for the education and enjoyment by the public.

Later the land and buildings were transferred from the County Council to Aylesbury College, again for education purposes.

As I understand it, the original gift of the land was never to meant to be a windfall payout to a private company (which you are).

I understand that this land is a millstone around the your (the colleges) neck, presenting upkeep and insurance costs and the sooner you can get rid of the land, the better.

As this is the case can I suggest the following? In Weston Turville there is a small charity called Widow Turpin’s that has a small piece of land which generates income from rent, the proceeds of which go to those in need in the Weston Turville parish.

Can Hampden Fields, which is treasured green space, enjoyed by the people of the surrounding area including the townsfolk of Aylesbury, not be gifted back to the people via this charity?

You will then pass on the burden that comes with this land, it will be protected for current and the future generation (us) to enjoy, whilst keeping valuable agricultural land and leisure space that generates money that can be given to those in need in the surrounding community?

One day, the much needed ring road may be built on it and that is fine but it won’t be possible to build the road if lots of houses are in the way.

Also we have more than enough of houses already being built in and around Aylesbury, wouldn’t it be better to use old used sites rather than forever ruining our countryside, especially this valued green space which is much loved and used by the community?

I hope you read this and act on my suggestion. Thank you

Tom (aged 13)

So much for promises.

Tom (aged 13)

Address supplied


“Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust has announced plans to ban smoking across all of sites, including the Mental Health centre on Bierton Road”.

Whilst I appreciate the argument for this decision, my heart goes out to the mental health staff who are going to have to explain to patients who are already in a fragile mental state, both those admitted under their own volition and those who may have been sectioned, that they will be unable to smoke.

Is the Trust planning to provide extra staff in the mental health unit in order to handle the additional difficulties and potential tension this will cause?

I would dearly love to know the opinion of NHS mental health staff on this decision, as it is those “at the coal face” who will have to deal with the fall out, as no doubt those making the decision will not be on hand to explain face to face to a fraught patient why they are having to undergo tobacco withdrawal effects as well as dealing with their mental health issue.

Name and address supplied


I am delighted to report that this year The Rotary Club of Aylesbury Carol Float raised some £6,800 for local charities.

May I take this opportunity to thank The Bucks Herald and Mix 96 for their great support ,as well as the volunteers from our local charities, the Scouts and Guides, who came out in all weathers to collect donations, Richard Ginger from Rotary Club of Aylesbury Hundreds.

Nothing would have been possible however without the support of John Dennis 4x4 of Weedon for the loan of the cars which towed the float, and our tremendous drivers who managed to take the float into apparently impossible places – Peter, Billy, Howard, Les .

However it is the ongoing support and generosity of Aylesbury and Wing residents that allows us to continue to support the charities.

We will be presenting the cheques on 23rd February

Once again Thank you Aylesbury .

Gill Beck

Past President Rotary Club of Aylesbury


Aylesbury Councillors have totally lost the plot raising car park charges this is crazy the town is starting to see more people shopping and coming in at night but our greedy councillors see this as a means of making more money out of them.

With all the plans to make the town worthwhile coming to this smacks of small minded politicing and not serving the voters as they are supposed to do.

Ah well we should be having council elections some time and then we can all make our feelings felt and hopefully introduce some new blood into the current failed group.

Christopher Lowe

Address supplied

poets’ corner


Middle - Age Valentine, (ode to a Lady)


Is it too much to ask?

I don’t want for much,

Or demand a tall task.

I just want to love you,

Is that really hard?

If you give me a chance,

I’ll even buy you a card.

I’ll give up football on Sundays

And bring you tea ‘n’ toast in bed,

No, hang on, just the tea,

As the crumbs get in the way

From the crusty bread.

I won’t stay at the pub

Well only 4 days out of 7,

And I’ll try and do what the magazines say

And take you right to heaven!

I know I’m a bit larger

Than I was when I was twenty,

But when you get those arms around me

Your cuddles will be more than plenty!

And when you’re feeling low,

I’ll try and make ya giggle,

With my regions nether

I’ll give it a wiggle.

I just want to show you

How much I really care,

I know I won’t always get it right

But I’ll try my best to be fair.

So will you be my Valentine?

My fingers will be at a cross,

I will not even battle

Straight away you are the boss!

Deliah Snipps


Love is what love does next.

It is our finest and foulest instinct.

Miss time, out of rhyme, no rhythm, no pattern, this poem is not a gentle embrace.

Love is not always the happy face I carved into the moon for you.

It is a more gruesome and gratuitous visage, a porlein masked full of cracks a mile wide.

New crucibles that that remould the soul, and it is the supplication to holy escaty and holier pain, for the burning grail from which I drink I would happy drink from against.

And we will have long, living, potent, infinite dialogue sentences, as my words lock into yours, and yours into mine, and hand over hand, we shall move through this bleak and barren winter land, that shall replace our short stilled conversation in the same way as analogue clocks were replaced by digital, which shall be replace in turn with an instinctual sense, even if one of us is moved like chessmen, far hence of the other, even if we will never fully know, all things in the other dome, we shall now so much that it is as if it were everything, every recompensed second, every second guess, every intimate thought and gesture, shall we know, we will be so bound together.

Theo Schofield


We would like to tell your readers about a small, friendly writing group, called ‘ Aylesbury Poetry and Prose’.

We meet fortnightly, usually on a Wednesday afternoon, and anyone interested is most welcome to come along and see what we do.

Writing is usually such a solitary occupation of course but our group can offer a chance to discuss thoughts and ideas with others who enjoy the writing process. Members can share their writing if they wish but there’s no pressure to do so.

So if you write, a little, a lot or are just interested in what others write. why not come along and give us a try?

You can find out more on the Meetup website. We’re listed as ‘Aylesbury Poetry and Prose’. Or email linda.pullman@outlook.com if you would like to know more.

L. Pullman



Excellent letter from Professor Sir Roderick Floud (Bucks Herald Feb 4) as he states AVDC carry on their self interests club irrespective of the wishes of the majority.

They also had the cheek to state that they couldn’t comment on the Neighbourhood Plan as it was out too late.

Why? Because of their failure to produce an acceptable Local Plan.

I would also like to point out that the parish council is the largest representative body in Haddenham as they have to oversee over 4,500 villagers.

Michael Whitney

Rosemary Lane



I am writing on behalf of Marie Curie Cancer Care to thank everyone in Aylesbury Vale District for their generous support of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Christmas street collections, held throughout December.

Your support raised a fantastic £540.12 from our Christmas collections and will be used to support the work of our Marie Curie nurses who provide care and support to terminally ill patients, totally free of charge, to give them the choice of dying at home and spending their last days with their families and in familiar surroundings.

This amount will mean that local Marie Curie Nurses will be able to provide 27 hours of nursing care.

If you would like more information about Marie Curie Care, please visit our website at www.marie curie.org.uk or call me on 01604 258758.

Hazel Bendon

Community fundraiser for Buckinghamshire


Letter to Bucks County Council leader Martin Tett

For the past three months I have felt like a lone voice trying to promote BCC’s long-awaited proposals for an improved route into Aylesbury from the east. It has been a frustrating experience, met with an almost deafening silence.

The last straw came when I made a final attempt to penetrate AVDCs website to see what other comments had been sent following the public advertisement.

My first two attempts produced “No comments found”; on the third attempt a little later I was told that the consultation period had ended!

I have known about the Stocklake scheme for something like thirty years.

Mr Chapple will remember that it goes back to when he was chairman of the former Highways sub-committee. Barratts’ first exhibition at the

Holiday Inn last November had a good attendance from the public, but most people could not understand the presentation which lacked any indication as to how it related to the existing infrastructure.

I spent time trying to explain it, with little help from Barratts’ people.

On leaving I made adverse comments on the form provided and wrote to the Bucks Herald pointing out the fundamental flaw in the proposed layout of the estate as it affected the Stocklake Link. No-one replied.

On 5 December the Bucks Advertiser front page showed a map of the proposed roads and reported what they were intended to achieve.

I wrote again to the Herald to wake people to the implications of accepting the scheme as shown. No-one replied.

The letter you wrote to me on 15 January and Mrs Vigor-Hedderly’s previous letter gave me no confidence that anyone at County Hall had understood what was happening.

Indeed, you had gained the impression that you were in some way limited by the Planning Policy Framework.

I knew that this was not so, as I spelt out to you yesterday.

At that late stage I determined to adopt a higher profile and strove to get the message over to whoever would listen.

I emphasised the basic error in Barratts’ understanding of the strategic importance of the \Stocklake Link. It is after all, the only remaining opportunity to achieve your objectives and I shall continue to say so.

I wish you well in ensuring that this essential project is satisfactorily achieved. I never imagined it would be so


O J Oliver

Campion Close, Aylesbury


One day, maybe I could say ‘great forward planning Bucks County Council, nicely gritted roads, safe for the general public to use’. Just not yet.

Time after time we encounter dangerous road conditions when it snows, resulting in numerous unnecessary accidents.

Why are the roads not being gritted and what are we paying our taxes for?

Nita Mistry

Address supplied