Letters round-up: Consider the need of lorries

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The need to improve road links for lorries features in this week’s round-up of the Herald letters page.


The future prosperity of Aylesbury and the employment of its people depend on having good transport links.

Lorries are part of that. They are all going somewhere, most of them in the town or nearby.

Aylesbury has outgrown its road system.

The space between the radial roads is full of houses, leaving no room for road improvements.

A single incident in the morning peak can quickly gridlock the town.

Tring Road in particular has been identified as an Air Pollution Management Area.

The air quality for its residents, and those walking or cycling along it, is an important public health issue.

The county’s aim, to get a better road into east Aylesbury, has long been bedevilled by lack of funds.

However, your sister paper, the Buckingham & Winslow Advertiser announced last December that government funding had been obtained “to ease the town’s traffic woes”.

This would enable Stocklake to be improved as the main eastern access to and from town.

Additionally, there would be a new eastern link road from the Aston Clinton bypass to the A418 northeast of Bierton.

The northern part of that, and the connection from it to Stocklake, across Douglas Road, would be built by Barratts’ Homes as a condition of the planning consent for their Kingsbrook estate of 2450 homes.

Therefore, it would be expected that the Stocklake Link Road would be designed as a lorry route, so that the lorries having no business in Tring Road or Bierton would use the new road as a more convenient and freeflowing through route..

However, our councils seem unwilling to explain why a road of lower quality is being designed.

All those who have an interest should keep asking.

That includes all those businesses who rely on free movement of traffic for their suppliers and customers.

O J Oliver

Campion Close


What a wonderful and immaculate football ground the ASM Stadium, built in 2010, and home to Thame United, looks in the image portrayed on the back page of The Bucks Herald (Wednesday, April 1).

This is to be Aylesbury United’s home venue for two years starting from the 2015/16 season, after several seasons of playing in Bedfordshire at Leighton Town FC.

Since 2006 when United were forced to vacate their Buckingham Road ground (which is now in ruins) they have become a pariah of non-league football, outcast like a giant creature with a disease placed in quarantine.

Local football in Aylesbury has been restricted to mainly one club, Aylesbury FC, who play at very basic premises in Haywood Way, and against all odds, considering the flooding problems encountered over recent winters, have done extremely well in reaching the promotion places in the Southern League Division One Central, and very good luck to them.

However, leaving aside teams like MK Dons and Wycombe Wanderers, who are both established and very successful football league sides in Bucks, the question still remains, just what is the attitude and intentions (if any) of Bucks County Council towards creating a permanent home for AUFC here in Aylesbury?

This subject is an old chestnut – but for how many more years have United got to wait before local football, played by this historic team, comes home to the town? A clue lies with the growing success of Milton Keynes and High Wycombe as proof of sustained development while us poor souls here in Aylesbury look on in envy.

We have a plethora of young talented footballers here in the town who would jump at the chance of forming a vibrant new Aylesbury Utd team to grace a new purpose-built stadium right here in the centre of Bucks.

United manager Tony Joyce says that hopefully we can do better at the new venue in Thame, and attract better players, and that in two or three years time he is sure the club will be a lot closer to having a pitch back in Aylesbury.

Does Tony know more than he is letting on or is it just wishful thinking?

Here is a message for the council. Since all they have seemed to be focused on in recent years is a swimming pool,a theatre, endless restaurants and demolishing historic buildings to create money – making areas for car parks, – why don’t they put a pair of visionary spectacles on their heads and give us local football supporters what we want for a change?

Why don’t they bite the bullet and realise that there is also money to be made from creating a proper purpose-built stadium for what is historically Aylesbury’s prime club, through sponsorship deals and entertainment through additional sports in one venue to draw on a massive crowd base right here in our heavily-populated team?

A venture like this needs to be driven by our council at the highest level, and I am certain that if the dreams of United supporters (many of whom are temporarily mothballed from the past) become a reality, then the powers that be would not regret it and would realise that they should have acted a lot sooner – or would their reply to me be to dream on?

Peter Vaughan

Buckingham Road, Aylesbury


I have just received a leaflet which asks us to vote for Steven Lambert who is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Aylesbury.

The leaflet contains a falsehood and here is an extract: ‘(If you vote Liberal Democrat) never again will local pensioners be subjected to insulting and degrading pension rises, such as Labour’s 75p increase’.

The 75p increase all those years ago was the correct figure at the time. It was simply an adjustment for inflation and that is all it was intended to be as in previous years.

The reason the amount was so small was because inflation was very low at the time and 75p was all that was needed to keep pace with it. Whether the pension should also have been increased in REAL terms was an entirely separate question which got lost in all the fuss which was whipped up for political reasons by people like Mr Lambert.

Of course people of average IQ and above will have understood this anyway but that section of society with chimpanzee brains were thoroughly confused and wrote angry letters to the press which only showed their ignorance.

Maybe it is time to consider whether people of below average IQ should be allowed to vote at all.

N Hayes

Address supplied


One issue causing many residents concern in Bedgrove is the parking in and around Bedgrove Park, especially at weekends when children’s and adult football takes place.

A solution simply must be found to this issue because an increasing number of people are parking on the grass verges, which causes damage and danger to park users – particularly children.

As a district councillor for Bedgrove I fully support all the sport that takes place in Bedgrove park.

Teams like the Bedgrove Dynamo’s are a highly successful local youth football team. They are very much part of our community; its brilliant that so many people give up their time to support teams like these.

What they do for local children in the area is wonderful and they have been rightly praised by so many parents who’s children are members,

I very much want to see sport continue to thrive in Bedgrove Park and wish to see teams like Bedgrove Dynamo’s supported.

I am very pleased, therefore, that following meetings with the Bedgrove Dynamos and the Cabinet member for Leisure, Howard Mordue that I have managed to get the district council to take a serious look at increasing the number of mini pitches which are vital to the continuation and success of children’s football. But one thing that is holding back sport in the park is the shortage of parking. In Bedgrove Park we have one of the most successful well used parks, but one of the smallest car parks.

Bedgrove Dynamos have set a great example by writing to parents urging them to park responsibly, but despite this the parking situation has improved little in recent weeks.

In the short term I, therefore, urge parents where they can, and I emphasise where they can, to try to alleviate the pressure on parking by either walking their children to Bedgrove Park, trying to car share with other parents or picking up and dropping off their children.

But the long term issue is the car park is too small, so I am looking for a more permanent solution, and with this in mind I have approached AVDC to look into putting forward a bid through the New Homes Bonus (which is extra money the council receives from the Government to cover the costs of extra houses being built in the area) to expand the existing car park.

There are certain obstacles which firstly need to be overcome, such as what is allowed to happen under the Bedgrove agreement.

This agreement permanently established the park for the use and benefit of the residents of Bedgrove. I think we can make a very good case for NHB funding through a successful bid, and we can definitely make the case that a larger car park would ensure all residents were able to continue to benefit from Bedgrove Park.

Having spoken to a senior officer at AVDC they share my view and have said they want to continue to support sport in Bedgrove Park and that the status quo is not an option.

I have therefore asked for a meeting to take place with council officers after May’s local elections to push through a solution.

Overcoming the obstacles to expanding the car park and allowing more mini football pitches will be a vital element in both solving the parking issue around Bedgrove Park for residents and park users and ensuring sport, which brings so much benefit to residents from Bedgrove and beyond can continue.

Mark Winn

Conservative candidate for Bedgrove


For the record I have no interest or association to any party or candidate.

Politic s is about perception and John Bercow has been a good local MP, according to perception. We are told that being Speaker gets us special access to Ministers, so we have influence.

So let us look at HS2 and see if that was true.

Mr Bercow is against HS2, he has met all of the Transport Secretaries and effectively told them their scheme is rubbish and a waste of money .

He has talked to a lot of civil servants .

He has not met the person in charge of HS2 or any other people from the rail industry.

He (or his very able staff) have filled in numerous surveys , written letters and attended meetings. So on the face of it Mr Bercow has been very busy.

Based on the amount of effort over several years and his special influential status as Speaker he should have delivered some very good results for Buckingham.

So what did Mr Becow actually achieve .............virtually nothing! While other parts of Buckinghamshire have got tunnels, cuttings and other benefits , we have got nothing!

Assuming the SNP do not kill HS2 , we can look forward to years of misery during construction. Instead of using his “influence” to lobby for things which will benefit the local people he appears to have spoken to lots of people who have just ignored him.

That is not really surprising , if you tell someone their pet project is a load of rubbish and do not engage them in an intelligent dialogue,they tend to ignore you.

The real issue is as small rural constituency we have no power or influence, Mr Bercow and his staff can get your passport sent or the street lights fixed , but when it comes to big issues such as HS2 he is out of his depth. I am in favour of World Peace , will that make a difference.

No , Mr Bercow is anti HS2, so what.....

Mr Bercow will get re-elected and he will continue to enjoy his job for life and we as voters will continue to be disenfranchised as Mr Bercow is no doubt quite happy to leave the current system in place.

When it comes to politics there is only one guaranteed winner, politicians.

Politics today is not about who to vote for but who not to vote for. Mine goes to “None of the Above” as that seems the best option.

Only a couple of weeks before this circus comes to an end.

John Williams



I have lived in Aylesbury for the last six months but the forthcoming general election seems to have past us by here on the Coppice estate.

Where are the banners and posters, the election bandwagons, the door to door canvassers, the mounting excitement?!

Is it me or is there just an air of apathy to the whole thing?

Is it because this has been a safe Tory seat since 1924?

As a relative newcomer I don’t even know who is standing in my constituency.

From one disillusioned voter.

Michael Budd

Aspen Close, Aylesbury